"Blood > Business" - Fans react to Logan Paul picking winner of potential boxing clash between Jake Paul and KSI during lie-detector test

Logan Paul
Logan Paul (left) picks Jake Paul (right) to defeat KSI (middle) in a fight. [Image courtesy: @JakePaul and @KSI on Instagram]

Fans reacted to Logan Paul's prediction that his brother, Jake Paul, would defeat his business partner, KSI, in a fight.

'The Problem Child' recently revealed his boxing match against Mike Tyson had been postponed. KSI took the opportunity to antagonize Paul online, extending their rivalry for several years. As a result, fans continued the never-ending debate about who would win in a fight between the YouTubers-turned-boxers.

Earlier today, Jake Paul released a video on YouTube of him and Logan Paul taking a lie-detector test while answering various questions. 'The Problem Child' caught the attention of the influencer boxing community by asking his brother the following question:

"Do you think I would beat KSI in a fight?"

The WWE superstar responded by saying:

"Yeah, yes. Come on, bro. It's not to say he's not a good boxer. He's my partner, but you're 230 at the moment. It's not even fair bro."

Logan Paul's response was re-posted on X, leading to fans sharing their reactions in the comment section:

"Fair enough, I'd think there's something wrong if you don't choose family"
"Why would anyone be mad at this? LOGAN IS JAKE'S BROTHER. Blood > Business"
"He could finally support his own blood brother"
"If you feel bad about saying your brother would win a fight your bond is not strong enough"
Twitter comments
Twitter comments

Watch the video featuring Paul's fight prediction below:

KSI reveals "final offer" to Jake Paul for boxing match

Jake Paul and KSI have been discussing a potential blockbuster boxing match for years without reaching a deal. Earlier this month, KSI capitalized on his viral trash talk with Paul by posting a "final offer" for a fight in the first half of 2025. The 30-year-old content creator had this to say to 'The Problem Child':

"Jake, I'm going to be making you my final offer. May 2025, just so you have all the time in the world to be ready. We can even do it in America, just to make you that a bit more happy... 85 pounds is my final offer. Take it or leave it. If you come back with some bullsh*t on social media, I will sleep good knowing deep down you never really had the balls to fight me in a fair fight."

In the meantime, Jake Paul and KSI will go their separate ways in combat sports. When it comes to Paul, he's rumored to be fighting Mike Perry in late July before focusing on his historic boxing match against Mike Tyson. Meanwhile, KSI is reportedly negotiating with Amir Khan for an unexpected Misfits main event.

Watch KSI's "final offer" to Jake Paul below:

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