"I can accomplish that growth a lot quicker than most people" - 1-0 Dana White's Contender Series fighter Bo Nickal believes he will fight for a UFC world title by 2024

Bo Nickal [ Image credits: @nobickal1 Instagram ]
Bo Nickal [ Image credits: @nobickal1 Instagram ]

Bo Nickal who's yet to receive a UFC contract, already believes he'll be champion in just a few years' time. Nickal is better known in wrestling circles for his decorated career, collecting three NCAA Division 1 national championships, as well as the U23 World Championship in 2019.

After making a run as a finalist in the US Olympic trials in 2020, Nickal transitioned full-time to MMA, making his pro debut in Jorge Masvidal's iKon FC. He won his debut by knockout in under a minute. When asked about expectations for his MMA career, Nickal spoke of his high ambitions and his belief that he can exponentially grow more than other fighters, stating:

"There's a lot of growth to be done before I'm fighting for a title, but I know I can accomplish that growth a lot quicker than most people- because of my commitment, my discipline, my background."

Nickal was then asked about his approach to fighting and if he plans to wrestle his way to the top. Although he could certainly do just that, the Allen, Texas-product plans to surprise people with a well-rounded game by the time he arrives at the top, stating:

"By the time I'm competing for the UFC title, people will be surprised with how much I progressed in all these different areas. I'm not looking to just go out there and beat everybody with wrestling. Yeah I could probably do that... but I'm looking to become a well-rounded fighter."

Bo Nickal lays out plan to become UFC champion in 2024

When asked about a realistic timeline for Nickal to reach the pinnacle of the UFC, Nickal laid out his ideal plan for the next two years, describing how he will look to be busy. Nickal spoke to how the speed of the MMA game will ultimately aid him, stating:

"I would say [I'll be champion by] 2024 . Obviously we're not super far away from that, but I mean this game goes fast... I expect to have probably four fights by the end of this year and another four or five next year. So I think by the end of 2023 it's very feasible to see me at 10-0 and then getting up to where I'm fighting top contenders and getting the title shot in 2024."

Bo Nickal certainly talks the talk, and his first step in walking the walk will take place tonight when he fights in the main event of Dana White's Contender's Series.

You can watch the full interview with Bo Nickal below:


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