Brendan Allen confirms it was a 'punch' that knocked out Ian Garry during sparring, much to the amusement of Michael Bisping

Brendan Allen (left) and Michael Bisping (right) on the Believe You Me Podcast [Photo Courtesy of the Michael Bisping Podcast channel on YouTube]
Brendan Allen (left) and Michael Bisping (right) on the Believe You Me Podcast [Photo Courtesy of the Michael Bisping Podcast channel on YouTube]

Ian Garry has taken a lot of heat on social media lately, and Brendan Allen has only added to the fire.

Not long after his main event win over Paul Craig, Allen took a shot at former teammate Ian Machado Garry and told the world that 'The Future' had been knocked out before during a sparring session at Kill Cliff FC. Following this statement, Allen joined Michael Bisping on the 'Believe You Me' podcast to further discuss his announcement.

On the show, Allen confirmed it was a punch that knocked out Garry, not a head kick, as the host initially believed. However, Allen would not reveal who delivered the shot.

Brendan Allen said:

"It was a punch... I'm sure you know who it is."

Though he would not reveal a name, Allen shook his head when Michael Bisping asked if the person who knocked out Ian Machado Garry was Shavkat Rakhmonov.

Allen continued to talk about Garry, saying the fighter's unwarranted cockiness had gotten under his skin. Allen said:

"You can't say you're the baddest man and that you've done all these great things in sparring [without] taking your lumps too. I think that's a big part of the sport... Eventually [Garry is going to get knocked out] in a fight. Eventually he's gonna get slept and beat, and then what happens then? How are you gonna handle that?"

To continue his rant, Allen said he believed 'the person who leads the train' of Garry's team is to blame for his behavior.

View the full episode of the Believe You Me podcast in the video below:


What did Brendan Allen say about Ian Garry?

In an interview with ESPN's Marc Raimondi, Brendan Allen revealed that his former teammate Ian Machado Garry was knocked out cold in a previous sparring session with an unnamed Kill Cliff FC fighter.

Allen went on a brief rant of Garry, saying that the Irish welterweight 'films everything' in training and 'knows what name not to say' to avoid footage of the knockout being released.

Throughout the interview, Allen was fed up with Garry's ongoing comments, claiming to be the best fighter in the world. However, the middleweight also admitted that Garry has gotten the better of him on some sparring days.

Garry will compete next at UFC 296 against another Kill Cliff FC fighter, Vicente Luque.

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