Brendan Schaub urges Ronda Rousey to give up "narrative of playing victim" in light of her recent comments: "No one's being mean to her"

Brendan Schaub shaes his take on Ronda Rousey
Brendan Schaub shares his take on Ronda Rousey's recent claims of feeling unwelcomed into MMA. [Image courtesy: @brendanschaub on Instagram; getty Images]

Ronda Rousey recently reignited discussions about the conclusion of her fighting career with the release of her memoir, ‘Our Fight.’ However, some of her comments haven't landed well, with her ex-boyfriend Brendan Schaub.

Rousey claimed she'd be booed if she returned to a UFC event. Schaub, on his podcast Thiccc Boy, strongly disagreed.

“That’s not the narrative on you in the public eye. If Ronda walks the streets, no one’s booing her. No one’s being mean to her. That’s not real, that’s in her head. I think also, she hasn’t talked to anybody in the MMA space. I guarantee you [Joe] Rogan would have her on. Guarantee you Luke Thomas would have her on, Ariel Helwani would have her on... I bet all three of those guys I mentioned are cool with you... No one’s going to be mean to you. It would go a long ways for your career.”

Schaub blamed Rousey's team, suggesting they're directing a "playing victim" narrative:

“Her management team... whoever’s directing her to take this narrative of playing victim, all of that sh*t is not the way to go. She just needs to face it head-on.”

Schaub, no stranger to criticism himself, believes Rousey should acknowledge shortcomings and credit her opponents:

“This poor me story. No one’s feeling sorry for you. You’re one of the greatest to ever do it. Whoever is telling you different, fire ‘em. Show a little humility, say I f**ked up here.” [H/t: MMA Mania]

Check out Brendan Schaub's comments below from 48:00 onwards:


What did Ronda Rousey say about her absence from UFC events after losses?

Ronda Rousey revealed she hasn't attended a UFC event since retiring due to feeling ostracized by the media.

Rousey dominated the women's bantamweight division for years, compiling an undefeated 12-fight record and pioneering the sport for female athletes. However, after back-to-back losses to Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes, she stepped away from MMA.

While Rousey has dabbled in acting and professional wrestling, she's largely avoided the UFC world; even her Hall of Fame induction was a brief appearance. Known for her outspoken personality during her fighting career, Rousey believes the media turned on her after the losses.

"I feel like I'm really vilified by MMA media at this point and I'm not really welcomed back. Which is why I haven't gone to a UFC fight since because I'm pretty sure if I walked into the arena I'd be booed."

Check out Ronda Rousey's comments below:

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