“Britain will be fully Islamic soon” - Andrew Tate shocks fans by openly calling for the Islamisation of Britain

Andrew Tate
Andrew Tate calls for Islamification of Britain

Controversial social media personality Andrew Tate has openly called for the Islamisation of Britain.

Responding to the news of a Muslim billionaire winning rights to turn the Trocadero, one of London's most famous landmarks, into a mosque, Tate expressed his happiness and had this to say about Islamic culture:

"This building is literally dead centre in the middle of London’s historic centre. Amazing news. The only alternative to Islam for the brits are pride flags as they no longer have any innate culture or patriotisim. Allah is the best of planners and I look forward to seeing The Islamic republic of Great Britistan in her final form. Alhamdulillah Britain will be fully Islamic soon."

While Andrew Tate looks forward to seeing the "Islamic Republic of Great Britain", many fans are shocked at his views. Take a look at some of the reactions below:

"Why islamic républic of great Britain ? cant muslims live with Christians , plus other religions without the « mission » to take over the country ?"
"well I mean your directly undermining and devaluing the local Brit historical culture by turning their landmarks to islamic religious-cultural centers."
"How about neither? This is a false dichotomy you assert. A secular UK as it is intended to be. All races and religions and cultures etc living in harmony. That seems like a better and more long term plan."
"You gotta be trolling"
"I can only surmise that Tate has access to hallucinogenic drugs."

Andrew Tate speaks on religion after converting to Islam

The controversial social media personality converted to Islam last year. While he was born a Christian, Andrew Tate never really followed a religion and was an atheist. However, after converting to Islam last year, Tate claimed he realized that religion is the cure for many problems.

During an interview with Piers Morgan, Andrew Tate spoke about his newfound faith.

"I used to be an atheist and when you're an atheist, you believe that religion causes more problems than it fixes," he said. "And then you come to a realization and you start to learn the truth [about] yourself and the truth of God. And you realize that religion is the cure for most of the problems in the world, and 'Godlessness' is the [actual] problem in the world."

Catch his comments in the video below (7:35):


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