Why did Andrew Tate convert to Islam? Breaking down what the streamer said before his conversion

Andrew Tate went viral once again after he announced converting to Islam (Image via Sportskeeda)
Andrew Tate went viral once again after he announced he was converting to Islam (Image via Sportskeeda)

Controversial internet personality Andrew Tate made headlines once again after announcing his conversion to Islam.

On October 24, the Twitter account @CobraTateKING shared a 45-second long clip in which Andrew Tate could be seen offering prayers in a mosque. The tweet went viral, attracting more than 65,000 likes and over 9500 retweets.

In the video, Tate can be seen with former MMA fighter Tam Khan at a mosque, reportedly in Dubai, UAE. Khan appears to be teaching Tate about "salah," the Islamic prayer that is one of the five pillars of Islam. Khan also posted the video to his Facebook account, where he seemingly confirmed that Tate had taken the "shahada," an oath required to convert to the religion.

On the same day, Twitter user @waasim_ shared an excerpt from a recent social media post made by the former professional kickboxer, confirming that he is now a Muslim. The post read:

"This is why I'm Muslim. Any Christian who believes in good and understands the true battle against evil must convert. 'So be patient, Indeed the promise of Allah is TRUTH.' Quran 30:60."

What did Andrew Tate say before converting to Islam?

On July 29, 2022, the internet personality made a guest appearance on the Full Send Podcast. At the 39-minute mark, podcast host Salim Sirur wanted to know Andrew Tate's opinions on Islam. He inquired:

"What's your thought on Islam and everything? Because I know in the Quran and stuff like, you could have up to four wives and stuff. So, I've seen you talk about it a little bit, but I would like to know like, what do you think about it? Do you think it's a right religion?"

The 35-year-old influencer started the discussion by claiming that Islam is "the last true religion on the planet" and said:

"I think it's the last religion on the planet. I think it's the last religion. So if it's the last true religion on the planet, it has to be the correct one. It's the last religion because no other religion has boundaries which they enforce. If you will tolerate everything, then you stand for nothing. If your book says, 'X,' but you refuse to say the book says this, I'm sticking to what the book says. Doesn't matter what the subject is, right? I don't want to expand."

Timestamp: 00:39:41

Andrew Tate asserted that "99% Christians are ignoring" every single rule inside the Bible. After Kyle Forgeard asked if "Christians pick and choose what they want to stick with," Tate replied by suggesting that "only Muslims follow their book":

"If you're a Christian, 99% Christians are ignoring every single rule inside the Bible. Every single day. Oh yeah, they try and say I interpret it differently, 'I believe in god,' but you know, I don't believe in that part. That's not what the book says. It doesn't ignore half of me. It says, 'Follow me.' Only Muslims follow their book. So they're the last religion!"

At the 42:41 minute mark of the podcast, Andrew Tate claimed that "people won't openly disrespect Islam." He provided a rationale for his sentiments by saying:

"People don't stand up and openly disrespect Islam, because they're afraid! So, once again, if you don't have rule systems and doctrines and beliefs and prophets, which people are afraid to mock, are you even a religion? People won't disrespect Islam. Nobody will disrespect it because they're scared. Even in a Christian country; I mean disrespect it by saying something disrespectful. If you can walk around, if you can wear a t-shirt saying, 'Jesus is gay,' right here in Croatia, a Christian country and you will make it out of the country alive."

The discussion continued with Andrew Tate adding:

"I dare you to do the same thing with Islamic prophet. I dare you to do the same thing. You wouldn't make out of a Christian country alive, an Islamic country alive. Even in Christian countries, you're not allowed to do that! You do not disrespect their beliefs! No, you don't do that!"

Andrew Tate is considered by many to be one of the most controversial figures on the internet.

He was de-platformed earlier this year because of the numerous polarizing viewpoints he presented. He was banned from multiple social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

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