"It's just misunderstood clips on TikTok" - Andrew Tate takes to Vimeo to upload a 'final message' following his suspensions on multiple social media platforms

Andrew Tate heads to Vimeo to share an hour-long "final address" for his viewers (Image via Sportskeeda)
Andrew Tate heads to Vimeo to share an hour-long "final address" for his viewers (Image via Sportskeeda)

On August 24, controversial internet personality Andrew Tate uploaded a one-hour, 12-minute long video on Vimeo titled "Andrew Tate's Final Message."

The video address focused on him talking about his past and how his content took the internet by storm. Andrew Tate stated that he wanted the video to be "precise, compendious, and very comprehensive" and kicked it off by giving an overview of his life's story.

At the 57-minute mark, the former professional kickboxer said that he was not facing any criminal charges and discussed the misogynistic claims leveled against him:

"I have no criminal charges. There's no charges at all against me. I have not hurt any women. No women are coming forward, saying Andrew hit me. Zero. The only video of me and a woman, in consensual acts, she came forward and said it was a game. There's no nothing on the internet from any woman saying that Andrew is a bad person and misogynist. Not one!"

He then mentioned that clips starring him on TikTok were misunderstood and that he has become the "face of evil" due to out-of-context clips on the short-video sharing platform. He said:

"It's just misunderstood clips on TikTok. It's crazy to me I've become the face of evil, with misunderstood, out-of-context clips on TikTok, with no criminal charges."

Andrew Tate talks about him becoming the "face of evil" on the internet and claims it is because of misunderstood clips on TikTok

Andrew Tate's fame surged this year after gaining major traction on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.

He was then ultimately banned from Meta-owned platforms like Facebook and Instagram, owing to the nature of his ideas and content. YouTube and TikTok took note of this and followed suit by banning the controversial internet personality.

Come August 24, Tate took to the Vimeo channel known as FreeTopG, where he uploaded an hour-long video to provide a "final message" for his audience.

At the 58:32 mark, the British-American influencer stated that out-of-context clips on TikTok have resulted in him becoming the "face of evil" on the internet. He continued the discussion by saying:

"There are very famous people who have much more. They have genuine criminal charges, there is very famous people who have genuine accusations. They're still on Instagram! I have none of these. None! I understand that social media companies feel responsible for the national consciousness and the national opinions and actions because of their large levels of influence. However, I don't think it is fair that I'm being vilified and blamed for something that isn't true or wasn't even me."

Andrew Tate added that he needed to analyze to see if he could have a presence on social media platforms without his content being "weaponized" and being used against him:

"I need to seriously analyze if it's possible for me to even have a social media presence for any longer, without it being weaponized and used against me."

The 35-year-old content creator provided his views on Instagram:

"I would like to think that Instagram have their finger on the pulse of the world and that they're reactive and adaptive regarding how people view certain issues and people. I'd like to think that they are very fair and unbiased and that they understand that in time when the truth is shown about my positivity and my positive impact on the world with the Tate Foundation, all the amazing things we're going to be doing for men and women, that over time they will understand that there's no reason for me to not be on the platform."

Moving forward, Andrew Tate remarked that he would have to be cautious about the content he uploads since he believed it could be used against him.

He was looking forward to dedicating his YouTube channel and the remainder of his social media handles to the Tate Foundation in order to speak about the positive impact he wished to have on the world.

At the 1:00:50 mark, Andrew Tate stated that he was relieved to be banned since it allowed him to "make a clean break and start." He said:

"I'm really relieved this happened. I feel good. I feel happy. I don't think I could've got everybody's attention without this. I don't think I would have had a chance to make a clean break and a clean start and explain the truth of my character in my heart without this."

He also added:

"I think that if I was never banned, I would've keep trying to tell the truth, and my haters would've kept ignoring it and kept making negative videos about me, and it would've spiraled out of control until someone in my family was hurt, or an attempt was made on my life."

Online communities react to Andrew Tate's final message

Online communities on different media platforms provided their opinions on Andrew Tate's hour-long video address.

Fans on Vimeo sympathized with the influencer's stance. Here is a snippet of fan reactions from the Vimeo comments section:

Fans in the Vimeo comments section provide their take (Image via Vimeo)
Fans in the Vimeo comments section provide their take (Image via Vimeo)

Andrew Tate was once again trending on Twitter. Twitch streamer Adin Ross shared the video with his viewers, and more than 1.4k fans reacted in the reply section.

Several fans wanted to know the gist of the hour-long address:

Viewers provided a brief summary:

Here are some more relevant fan reactions from Twitter:

Andrew Tate is one of the internet's most polarizing and controversial personalities, with his persona focusing on toxic masculine ideals. He has also been banned from Twitter due to his exceeding contrarian views.

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