What did Andrew Tate say? Controversial influencer banned from Instagram and Facebook over misogynistic content

Andrew Tate (Image via Cobratate.com - personal website)
Andrew Tate (Image via Cobratate.com - personal website)

Former kickboxer and controversial influencer Andrew Tate's accounts were banned from Facebook and Instagram on August 19, 2022. Multiple publications reported that the ban is permanent.

As per NBC News, a spokesperson from Meta confirmed to the publication that the ban is a result of Tate violating the "company's policies on dangerous organizations and individuals."

Tate's misogynistic comments are so widespread across social media platforms that it is difficult to point out just one significant incident that led to his ban. A key example of his controversial behavior would be statements that he made during a YouTube interview, where he deemed women "lazy" and even went on to state that there was "no such thing as an independent female."


Responding to the ban, on August 19, during a Twitch stream with Adin Ross, Andrew Tate said that the Meta ban was "not a big loss" for him, claiming that he did not use those platforms frequently. He said:

"I know that I'm a positive force, right? It's just a small minority group that have decided to purport lies and try to falsify information about me in a personal attack. To some degree… It's flattering."

The 35-year-old had around 4.7 million Instagram followers at the time of his ban and had made millions from his social media content. As of now, his account remains active on YouTube and TikTok.

Some controversial comments by Andrew Tate that may have contributed to his Facebook and Instagram ban

Over the years, Tate has gained notoriety for his misogynistic comments on social media videos. For instance, last month on the BFFs podcast, Tate revealed that he would not give his "time of the day to" any woman who perceives themselves as an equal to men.


On the podcast, he further said:

"Any woman who is going to sit there and think it's more important to argue with me about she is as capable as a man at everything, [...] as opposed to just letting me pay the bill and be pleasant, is not the kind of woman I want to talk to."

In 2017, Tate had tweeted:

"Secondly – Harvey. Creep? Obviously. But women have been exchanging s*x for opportunity for a very long time. Some did this. Weren't abused."

In another TikTok video, Andrew Tate elaborated on his notion about how a man can cheat in a relationship, but a woman cannot. During the video, he claimed that infidelity in men was not even "1% as disgusting as female infidelity." He continued to justify his stance by saying:

"Cause female infidelity involves emotion. You will not sleep with a man you don't like. I can sleep with a woman I don't like. It's a completely different thing. I can be head over heels in love with a woman, ready to die for her, ready to take a bullet for her, and protect her, give her all the money in the world, make sure she has a beautiful family, a nice big house, all of it, and I'll still f*** that b*tch."

Andrew, a former kickboxer, initially came under the spotlight in 2016, after he was removed from CBS show Big Brother following a video that surfaced of him attacking a woman.

Throughout his career, Tate has made severely misogynistic, homophobic and other controversial comments in social media posts or in clips from his podcast appearances that were reposted on these platforms.

Andrew Tate on other social media platforms

Back in 2017, Tate was permanently banned from Twitter, owing to his misogynistic comments on the platform.

Reports suggest that TikTok is currently investigating content available on its platform and plans to remove "violative accounts and videos." In light of that, it remains to be seen whether Andrew Tate will be banned from the short-video platform as well.

The controversial influencer also promotes his own Hustler's University course, run entirely via separate Discord servers. The course, which allegedly teaches people how to make money, does not appear to be affiliated with any legitimate educational body. It has been slammed by numerous netizens, many of whom have deemed it a scam.

Amid these social media bans, whether YouTube will follow the same suit remains to be seen. Tate's controversial videos on YouTube have also garnered a huge following and raked in millions of views.

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