Is Andrew Tate acting? Decoding the content creator's controversial persona

Andrew Tate admits to not faking his opinions on social media (Image via cobratate/Instagram)
Andrew Tate admits to not faking his opinions on social media (Image via cobratate/Instagram)

In a world where social media personalities can easily influence people, Andrew Tate proves to be a danger to society. The self-proclaimed "hustler" has gained a reputation for being a misogynist. Netizens are disturbed by his views on women. The mounting assault allegations against him only add to the concern.

Although Tate has acquired massive backlash for his alpha-male behavior online, the 35-year-old does not seems unphased. If anything, he continues to amass a large following online. Under his Instagram profile "cobratate," the former Big Brother personality has acquired 3.4 million followers.

As Tate continues to be one of the most talked about online, interviewers have questioned whether his online persona matches his offline personality. However, he confirms that he is not putting up an act and stands by whatever he posts on his social media handles. Tate said in an interview:

“It’s all very real. These are the things I say, these are the things I believe. These are the things I talk about in my private networks, I just don’t talk about them here to public. I don’t talk about them nearly as deep or as advanced. Amongst my private networks I like to talk about them at a much more integrate level because to the normies, to the brokies, they’re not ready to listen to it.”

Tate has seemingly confirmed that his political opinions do not change behind closed doors, making matters more intolerable.

Why is Andrew Tate mired in controversy?

Andrew Tate is a former kickboxing world champion. He was also a Big Brother contestant and is currently a YouTuber and podcaster. His self-help videos, where he shares his thoughts on being an alpha man and on being superior to women, among other opinions, have raised eyebrows online.

Before being known as an influencer, Andrew Tate starred in the 17th season of Big Brother. However, he lasted in the show for only seven days as videos of him being allegedly physically abusive towards women surfaced online. In the videos, Tate assaulted his ex-girlfriend with a belt. He was heard saying in the video:

“If you behaved, I wouldn’t have to hit you, would I?”

Andrew Tate defended himself by saying that the videos were "bulls**t" and that the physical aggression was consensual.


In 2017, Andrew Tate uploaded his first podcast episode on his TateSpeech YouTube channel, where he shared his controversial opinions like standing against gun control and claiming that men do not need women to survive. He also stated in a video:

“Men are better than women, that’s my point. I’m not sexist. I’m realistic and reality is sexist.”

In the same year, the multi-millionaire also addressed his move to Romania. In a now-deleted video from Tate's YouTube channel, he admitted that he decided to settle in Eastern Europe because it was easier to get off on r*pe charges.

This came simultaneously when the #MeToo movement was in full swing. At the same time, Andrew Tate posted a shocking tweet that left him banned from Twitter in 2017, where he wrote:

“If you put yourself in a position to be raped, you must bare [sic] some responsibility... with sexual assault they want to put zero blame on the victim whatsoever.”

In April this year, Tate was exposed for allegedly holding a woman captive at home. Twitter user @heardbeliever exposed the YouTube personality's alleged involvement in human trafficking. Andrew and his brother Tristan's house in Romania was allegedly raided by law enforcement.

After this report, Andrew claimed that the girl staying at their place was cheating on her boyfriend with Andrew's brother Tristan. To hide her actions, the girl allegedly claimed that she was being held against her will.

Adding to the list of misogyny and predatorial behavior, Andrew Tate amassed significant backlash after appearing on the BFFs podcast, where he claimed that it is okay for a man to have multiple partners. However, the same does not apply to women. In the episode, he said:

“Read the Bible, every single man had multiple wives, not a single woman had multiple husbands. It’s against the will of God — it’s disgusting.”

These are just a few instances of problematic behavior being showcased online. Several other clips of Andrew Tate's troublesome views are available online.

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