“I flew up into space and I looked down on Earth” - Andrew Tate admits planet is round since he’s been to space

HasanAbi confronts Andrew Tate on stream (Image via Sportskeeda)
HasanAbi confronts Andrew Tate on stream (Image via Sportskeeda)

Controversial internet personality Andrew Tate made an appearance on political commentator and Twitch streamer Hasan "HasanAbi's" stream earlier today.

While both personalities debated on several topics, HasanAbi was inclined to see if Andrew Tate believed whether Earth was round or flat.

The latter responded by saying that Earth was round and he bolstered his claim by stating that he had "personal experience" on the matter since he's gone to outer space. He said:

"That's it, I flew up into space and looked down on Earth and it's a complete circle!"

HasanAbi chuckles upon hearing Andrew Tate has been to outer space

Andrew has been making headlines ever since he first got together with Felix "xQc" and Adin Ross earlier this month. Both the French-Canadian personality and the former kickboxer had a verbal battle on a variety of topics.

Earlier today, the 35-year-old internet personality surprisingly made an appearance on HasanAbi's stream and spent a few moments conversing.

At the one-and-a-half-hour mark of Hasan's livestream, the political commentator asked Andrew his thoughts on the following subject:

"Andrew, do you believe the Earth is flat or round, spherical, globe?"

HasanAbi then asked Andrew why he believed the Earth to be round:

"You believe it's round, right? But when you walk outside, it feels like it's flat. It looks flat, it feels flat, but you believe it's round. Why do you belive the Earth is round?"

(Timestamp: 01:46:02)

Andrew responded by saying that he has had a "personal experience" on the subject that would prove his claim and said:

"Brother, brother, and I... Because I have personal experience that would prove to me that Earth is round."

Hasan understood the gist of what Tate was trying to convey and asked him:

"Oh? You have personal experience. What happened, did you go up to the f***ing moon? Is that how you figured it out?"

Andrew Tate agreed with Hasan's sarcastic remarks by claiming that he had traveled to outer space and observed that the Earth is definitely spherical.

Hasan began laughing at Tate's outrageous claims and concluded the conversation by saying:

"That's crazy! Okay, we don't have to; hey, listen, you don't have to concede on that point but you and I think we both understand the importance of scientific... the importance of imperical evidence in that one, right or you know, science."

Fans react to Andrew Tate's claims

The streamer's clip was the top post of the r/LivestreamFail subreddit and more than 870 fans were present in the comment section. Some Redditors began roasting the British-American personality:

Several community members asked as to how personalities like Andrew Tate have become popular on the internet:

Here are some more fan reactions:

For some context, Andrew is one of the most controversial personalities on the internet. His persona is centered around toxic masculine attitudes, and he has been banned from Twitter because of his extremely controversial opinions

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