"We are going to push boundaries" - MrBeast turns to viewers for help and explains how fans can work for YouTuber

MrBeast is seeking his fans' help to produce top-tier YouTube content (Image via Sportskeeda)
MrBeast is seeking his fans' help to produce top-tier YouTube content (Image via Sportskeeda)

Jimmy "MrBeast" has sought his viewer's help to produce more engaging and high-quality videos for his channel.

The YouTube sensation uploaded a minute-long video titled How To Work For MrBeast on his alternative YouTube channel. He explained how fans could become a part of his team and apply for positions such as senior producer, lead content strategist, and many others.

He mentioned he was seeking additional help as he was looking forward to making the "best videos the world has ever seen." The philanthropist called for action from his viewers and stated:

"That is what we're going to be doing. We are going to be pushing the boundaries and trying to make the greatest YouTube videos the world has ever seen."

MrBeast seeks help from fans to produce "best videos the world has ever seen"

Jimmy's YouTube empire consists of 18 channels, with a combined count of more than 182 million subscribers. Given the massive volume of content he produces, it is but certain that the content creator would require further assistance in his endeavors.

To address this, the Kansan native took to his alternative YouTube channel, MrBeast 2, and rallied his fans by saying:

"As you can tell by the title, I need help. We just hit a 100 million subscribers on the main channel, and I want to make the best videos the world has ever seen."

He discussed how his main channel evolved from him playing Minecraft to producing mega videos showcasing real-world versions of Squid Game and Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory:

"When I first created the MrBeast channel, it was me playing Minecraft. Now we're recreating Squid Game in real life, giving away private islands, even rebuilding Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory."

MrBeast stated that producing viral videos has become "infinitely harder" and that he could not upload videos as frequently as he would like. He said:

"The videos I'm doing have gotten infinitely harder, and because of that, I'm not able to upload as much as I'd want. I want to constantly keep raising the bar, make our videos better, better, and better, while also uploading more and more over time."

The YouTube giant wished to make Hollywood-level content in a matter of weeks and claimed that he was trying to "achieve the impossible":

"In other words, I want to basically achieve the impossible. We're trying to do things that have never been done before, that would take traditional Hollywood like six months or a year to do, in like, the span of a couple of weeks. And it's not easy, and I need help."

MrBeast encouraged his fans to apply for relevant positions if they understood the YouTube culture and had relevant media production experience:

"So, if you grew up watching YouTube, which I think is very important if you want to help me. You have to have grown up watching YouTube. You love YouTube, understand YouTube culture and memes, maybe play video games in your life, and you have experience in production and just want to make the best videos possible. That's what brings you joy; that's what you think would be fun."

The minute-long video ended with MrBeast stating that he and his team would review every single application.

Fans react to YouTuber's call to action

The viral video attracted more than 16,000 fan comments, and several verified YouTubers reacted to Jimmy's efforts. Some of the most relevant fan comments were along these lines:

Fans in the YouTube comments section reacting to the content creator's viral video (Image via MrBeast 2/YouTube)
Fans in the YouTube comments section reacting to the content creator's viral video (Image via MrBeast 2/YouTube)

The star influencer continues to shatter one milestone after another, becoming the fifth content creator on the video-sharing platform to cross the 100 million subscriber mark on July 28.

A month later, Beast Philanthropy amassed 10 million subscribers, only a year after its inception.

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