Chael Sonnen gives his prediction for Kamaru Usman vs Jorge Masvidal fight at UFC 261

UFC 251: Usman v Masvidal
UFC 251: Usman v Masvidal
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Kamaru Usman will face Jorge Masvidal in a much anticipated rematch for the UFC welterweight title at UFC 261. Former UFC fighter and analyst Chael Sonnen has made his official prediction for the rubber match in a video uploaded to his own YouTube channel.


According to Sonnen, the rematch will play out in a similar fashion to their last outing where Kamaru Usman defeated Jorge Masvidal at UFC 251. Comparing all of the common factors between the two fights, Chael Sonnen said:

"My official prediction for Usman vs Masvidal is going to be ‘And still’. Look, I already know what’s gonna happen when Usman fights Masvidal because I watched it happen. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. And I only bring that to you because it’s the same guys, in the same weight class, contesting the same rules for the same championship, it’s one of those things."

Chael Sonnen believes that Kamaru Usman deserves more credit

For their first outing at UFC 251, Jorge Masvidal stepped up to face Kamaru Usman on six days' notice. One of the major reasons for the rematch was Masvidal's claim of being unprepared.

Chael Sonnen, however, believes that Masvidal might have overplayed the short notice card. He also believes that Kamaru Usman should have been credited for fighting under similar circumstances. Of Masvidal's supposed unpreparedness, Sonnen said:

"I mean the mere fact that Masvidal on 6 days notice, was able to get to another continent, get license, do all of his media, stay within a bubble and make weight, that’s very relevant. Look, I think he was in shape. I think he was training more than the story said. And I think he left with a whole bunch of credit when the reality was that Usman did the same thing. And while Usman had the benefit of knowing he had a fight at that day, of knowing where he had to be, of knowing what his weight had to be, he did not have the benefit of knowing who his opponent was. And it was a very different stylistic matchup."

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