Conor McGregor's "worrying" speech in recent interviews has popular YouTuber concerned

Boxing In Dublin - Katie Taylor v Chantelle Cameron
Conor McGregor - Boxing In Dublin - Katie Taylor v Chantelle Cameron

Conor McGregor's recent interviews caught the attention of a popular YouTuber and they weren't for positive reasons.

True Geordie of the YouTube channel The Pain Game uploaded a video to his channel, where he spoke about the former two-division UFC champion's way of speaking in recent interviews is concerning. He mentioned that the Irishman's speech was worrying and noted that he was having issues being attentive to Ariel Helwani during their in-person interview.

He said:

"I think it's neccessary because someone has to say it. Conor McGregor, I think has a problem. Now I don't know the ins-and-outs of what that problem is, but the way he's speaking is worrying...I genuinely feel bad for this man right now." [2:00 - 2:16]

The YouTuber brought up that 'The Notorious' was constantly licking his lips and repeating himself about refraining from drinking and training three times a day. He mentioned that he wasn't coherent, and felt bad for Helwani, who was conducting the interview and keeping things on track, saying:

"There's a constant licking of the lips throughout all of these interviews and he can't keep his attention on Ariel Helwani for two seconds...Again, with the strange mouth movements, constantly, his mouth can't stop going here...Ariel did a great job on this broadcast by the way. He must be looking in this man's eyes thinking, 'You are f**king wrecked, mate'." [3:08 - 4:47]

It was interesting to hear True Geordie's perspective on McGregor and whether the Irishman's training partners feel the same.

Check out the full video:


Conor McGregor shares his thoughts on his Netflix documentary

Conor McGregor shared his thoughts on his recent Netflix documentary, which was directed by Gotham Chopra.

During a recent interview with Ariel Helwani, the former two-division UFC champion described the creative process and noted he didn't have creative control of the documentary. He mentioned that he liked the story, but would have liked to have added his creativity to the final product, saying:

"I was watching the documentary the other night...I didn't have creative control of it, I'm the creator so I wasn't necessarily happy. I love the story, I wouldn't change it but I would add my magic." [4:04 - 4:23]

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