Dana White reveals how Power Slap League is beating records of the UFC, WWE and NFL

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Dana White feels that the Power Slap League is finally becoming the huge success he envisioned it to be.

During the post-event press conference of UFC Fight Night 218, the 53-year-old UFC president claimed that 'Power Slap' is attracting more viewers than the UFC, WWE, and even the NFL on social media.

As per White, the new slap-fighting show is pulling in upwards of 10 million views per post from TikTok:

"I mean, the social media and digital is insane [for 'Power Slap']. I don't know if you guys have looked at that, but on TikTok you know, we average 10 million views per post... and to put it into perspective, the WWE does 1.5 million, the UFC does 770,000, the NFL does 545,000, we're pulling 10 million."

He added:

"When you look at the TV show and the spot that we're at and everything, everything that they put on that network [TBS] coming from AEW has failed... We hold 47 to 50 percent of the AEW crowd and we're number two every night, with men in all of cable behind the NBA."

Catch Dana White's comments below:


Despite its rising popularity on social media, the show's viewership figures on TBS have been far from ideal. According to a report by SHOWBUZZDAILY, the third episode of 'Power Slap' only brought in 284,000 viewers, 130,000 fewer than the second episode.

Dana White's Power Slap sees record low ratings

After seeing a hike in the ratings during the second week of the slap-fighting show, Dana White's 'Power Slap' registered a record-low rating in the third week this past Wednesday.

According to reports by SHOWBUZZDAILY, the third episode of the show recorded a rating of 0.09 among 18-49-year-olds as opposed to a .13 rating during the second week.

To put it into perspective, AEW: Dynamite on TBS had a rating of .31 among the same demographic last Wednesday, while ESPN's NBA game led the night with the highest rating, recording a .34 among 18-49-year-olds.

The fourth episode of 'Power Slap' airs on Wednesday, February 8.

Check out the promo for the next episode of 'Power Slap' below:

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