Dana White takes a hilarious dig at Hunter Campbell while fasting alone en route to Saudi Arabia

Dana White (left) comedically jabs at Hunter Campbell (right) on Instagram. [Image courtesy: UFC on YouTube]
Dana White (left) comedically jabs at Hunter Campbell (right) on Instagram. [Image courtesy: UFC on YouTube]

Dana White recently boarded his plane to Saudi Arabia and blamed the long flight on his co-workers. Of them, White comedically put UFC executive Hunter Campbell on blast for making the process tougher on him.

In a video posted on his Instagram story, White explained that he is currently fasting while preparing for UFC Saudi Arabia on June 22. On the plane, White showed an unnamed man behind him whom he claimed "ate half" of the food on the plane before panning to Campbell, whom he stated "ate the other half."

On his Instagram story, White said:

"I'm four hours into the flight to Saudi. I'm fasting. I got this dude back here who just ate half of everything that was on the plane and then I got this dude [Hunter Campbell] over here who ate the other half of everything that was on the plane. It's gonna be a long flight to Saudi."

Given the flight time from Las Vegas to Riyadh is over 16 hours, White had roughly 12 hours remaining of air time from the moment he posted the video to the plane landing.

The UFC CEO did not state why or how long he was fasting for but made it clear that he was at minimum refraining from food for the duration of the flight.

Is Dana White still in charge of the UFC?

With the recently released docuseries 'Fight Inc: Inside the UFC' on Roku, fans have begun to take notice of Hunter Campbell's impact on the UFC. Given the impact he showed on camera, many have started to wonder which one of either Campbell or Dana White is the true leader of the company.

As the CEO, White is still the official leader of the organization with Campbell directly beneath him as the Chief Business Officer. However, as many have taken note of, Campbell is often credited as being the true day-to-day operator of the company.

Campbell joined the company in 2017 and has held his current position since 2019. The former law school graduate is widely expected to succeed White as CEO once the latter retires.

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