Daniel Cormier calls Raul Rosas Jr.'s claims of being able to beat Aljamain Sterling  "youthful ignorance"

From left to right: Daniel Cormier, Raul Rosas Jr., and Aljamain Sterling
From left to right: Daniel Cormier, Raul Rosas Jr., and Aljamain Sterling

Raul Rosas Jr. followed up his impressive UFC debut performance by claiming that he could, not only defeat, but finish current bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling. UFC Hall of Famer Daniel Cormier recently shared his thoughts on the controversial comments from the youngest fighter in UFC history.

Speaking on DC & RC, the former double champion stated:

"Yesterday, I heard [Rosas Jr.] do an interview and say he could beat Aljamain Sterling today. I'm like, 'hey, wait a minute', but again, youthful ignorance. Youthful ignorance, because he believes he could be the champion right now, but I do believe that in time, there is a lot of potential for Raul Rosas Jr. to be something very special in the UFC."

Cormier continued:

"Especially being Mexican. RC, I'm telling you dude, the passion of the hispanic fans, crazy, and he's going to tap into that like all the great Mexican fighters that came before him."

While Rosas Jr.'s skill and confidence at such a young age is impressive, he is unlikely to enter the bantamweight title picture right away. It is far more likely that Rosas Jr. will continue to receive unranked opponents for his next few fights, which will allow him to further build confidence.

Watch Daniel Cormier discuss Raul Rosas Jr.'s claim that he could defeat Aljamain Sterling below (starting at the 36:36 mark):


Aljamain Sterling responds to Raul Rosas Jr.'s claim that he could finish him

Following his UFC 282 first-round submission victory over Jay Perrin, Raul Rosas Jr. made an appearance on The MMA Hour. Speaking to host Ariel Helwani, Rosas Jr. shocked fans by claiming that he believes he could beat Aljamain Sterling.

The bantamweight champion took to Twitter to respond to Rosas Jr.'s claims, stating:

"They should make that fight next. I really think that Rosas will fu*k him up! I heard Cejudos out and Rosas is in!"

While Rosas Jr. had an impressive performance in his debut, his opponent, Jay Perrin, has now lost all three of his fights in the UFC. Sterling, the current bantamweight champion, represents a giant leap in competition for the 18-year-old rising prospect.

Despite Rosas Jr.'s anxiousness to receive a ranked opponent, the UFC seems likely to bring him along slowly so they don't run the risk of burning him out before he reaches his potential. While it may not be what Rosas Jr. envisions, he has plenty of time to pursue the title as his career is just beginning.

Check out Aljamain Sterling's response to Raul Rosas Jr.'s claim below:

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