Did Chael Sonnen almost defeat Anderson Silva at UFC 117?

Chael Sonnen (left) Anderson Silva (right)
Chael Sonnen (left), Anderson Silva (right)

Former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen almost pulled off an upset against Anderson Silva when the duo first met in the octagon at UFC 117 in 2010. 'The Bad Guy' was ahead on the scorecards when he got submitted by 'The Spider' in the very last round.

Watch the full Silva vs. Sonnen fight below:


Based on the official scorecards for the event, Sonnen clinched all four rounds before he ultimately fell prey to a triangle armbar by Silva in the fifth. One of the judges, Nelson Hamilton, even scored Rounds 1 and 3 a 10-8 in favor of the American.

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However, when the duo locked horns again at UFC 148 in 2012, Silva secured a dominant second-round TKO victory against Sonnen.

As Sonnen fell, he turned around and saw Anderson Silva standing in front of him.Silva then blasted Sonnen with a knee to the solar plexus. This was checkmate. Sonnen tried to survive, but he was too hurt. Silva finished the fight by TKO.

'The Bad Guy' has challenged for a UFC championship thrice during his storied mixed martial arts career but came up short on all three occasions.

The Oregon native holds a pro-MMA record of 31 wins against 17 losses and one draw. Chael Sonnen is widely considered one of the best mixed martial artists to have never won a UFC championship.

The 45-year-old last stepped foot in the cage in his Bellator 222 loss in 2019 to former UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida.

Since stepping away from the sport, one of MMA's greatest trash-talkers has seamlessly transitioned into an analyst and YouTube personality.

When Chael Sonnen joked that his loss to Anderson Silva was the result of a misunderstanding

Chael Sonnen is especially known for his legendary mic skills and quick-witted humor.

In an interview with MMA30 TV in the lead-up to his UFC 148 rematch with Anderson Silva, 'The Bad Guy' stated that his first loss to 'The Spider' happened because of a misunderstanding.

Maintaining a straight face, Sonnen stated that he was unaware of certain aspects regarding tapping out during fights:

"As far as the first fight, this is the truth. That was a misunderstanding of the rules and the way I thought it worked was that if you tapped, you lost that round. So I thought what they would do is they would go to a judges' decision and they go 4 rounds to 1 and we go home and I be the new champion. And if anyone had explained to me that it stopped the bout in its entirety, I wouldn't have tapped."

Watch Chael Sonnen joke about his loss to Anderson Silva below:


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