Ex-UFC star goes off on Mark Zuckerberg after receiving “last warning” by Instagram for “knock out” threat, requests Elon Musk for help

Mark Zuckerberg
Darren Till (left), Mark Zuckerberg (middle), and Elon Musk (right) [Images Courtesy: @darrentill2.0, @zuck, and @insidertech on Instagram]

Darren Till has differing viewpoints on how Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk curate their social media platforms, to say the least.

The former UFC welterweight title contender spoke favorably about the Musk-owned X and did not have savory things to say about how Instagram's community guidelines are instantiated.

Till, through his personal X account @darrentill2, said:

"It’s done!!!!!! Instagram is the worst platform to be on. That rat face Zuckerberg wants a world of absolute fannies. Some one just threatened me on their and cos I said back I’d knock them out I got my last warning. F*** it am not a**ed. At least on here you can troll the trolls back and it’s fair game."
"F****** little long nosed c***. Thank you @elonmusk please buy Instagram off this s*** faced rat and give us back our free speech. It’s ok for some fat stink of a bird to be shaking her a** on their when she looks like she’s built like a melting ice cream but when I say I’d knock someone out my account is in danger of getting removed. Yeh man."

Check out Till's expletive-laden commentary on our social media overlords below:

Mark Zuckerberg and his affinity for fighting

The warnings Till has been getting are equally understandable yet perplexing as Zuckerberg himself quite enjoys fighting.

Zuck has notably trained a bit under PFL bantamweight Khai Wu, who has been coaching him in mixed martial arts. Competing in jiu-jitsu tournaments is also something that has been a widely documented activity for Mark Zuckerberg as of late.

He actually tore his ACL training in MMA, and Zuck needed surgery last month to repair the damage to it. Mark Zuckerberg has also been photographed in training session scenarios alongside prolific UFC champion-caliber fighters in Israel Adesanya and Alexander Volkanovski.

Speaking of Zuck and Musk, there has also been on-and-off dialogue about those two possibly fighting one another. Dana White publically indicated an interest in promoting this Silicon Valley prizefight. But Elon Musk seems to want to do it in a colosseum for charity outside the oversight of the UFC.


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