Wiretap leaks reveal how Andrew Tate was allegedly framed by his victims, twitterati trend #FreeTopG

Viral sensation Andrew Tate being arrested
Viral sensation Andrew Tate being arrested

Andrew Tate is currently still housed in jail amid allegations of human trafficking and connections to organized crime. However, according to spynews.ro, alleged footage of wiretapes between victims of Tate indicates that the two women allegedly planned to frame 'Cobra'.

This article was published by spynews.ro yesterday and has been translated from Romanian to English.

According to the alleged wiretaps, the pair of "victims" planned on setting up the Tate brothers by pretending that they were in love with the brothers. They had then planned to feign ignorance if they were caught in a police raid on Tate's property, and discussed using disguises so that they were not recognized following the raids.

Images of the alleged wiretaps were uploaded to Twitter, and British MMA fighter and actor Tam Khan has called for the release of Andrew Tate and his brother. Khan said this:

"Wow! Exposed! FREE THE TATES NOW! Wiretaps showed the 'victims' plotted to frame the brothers."

See the tweet below:

Investigative journalist Sulaiman Ahmed released a thread on Twitter exposing the alleged bias against Andrew Tate in mainstream media. Ahmed called out prominent news outlets the BBC and VICE, and blasted the organization for a lack of journalistic integrity.

Ahmed wrote the following:

"Tate Mega Thread. There has been a visceral attack on Andrew Tate by the MSM & alternative media. The attacks have lacked journalistic integrity. Vice, BBC and the allegations have been debunked, but they have brainwashed people. It’s time to wake up and see the truth."

See the tweet below:

To view the full thread, click here.

Andrew Tate prepares for battle as twitterati tweets #FreeTopG

Andrew Tate has been surprisingly active on Twitter considering his current locale.

'Cobra' recently tweeted that he would be preparing for the battle against the powers who oppose him, and believes there are only two possible outcomes going forward.

Tate, who has a background in professional kickboxing, posted the following online:

"There are two possible futures of the universe. One, they kill me. Two, I emerge as one of the most respected and influential men on the planet galvanized by false persecution. I ask my enemies to make a choice. I will stay awake tonight prepared for mortal combat. Send your best."

See the tweet below:

Avid Twitter users have begun to defend Tate using the hashtag 'Free Top G' to show support for 'Cobra'.

Even former UFC title challenger Marvin Vettori chimed in with his thoughts.

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