What is Andrew Tate's kickboxing record?

Andrew Tate - Images via @cobratate on Instagram
Andrew Tate - Images via @cobratate on Instagram

Andrew Tate has been one of the most talked about names in recent months after his rise to fame via social media. He is a four-time kickboxing champion who has won ISKA championships in two different weight divisions. His professional kickboxing record stands at 43-9.

Tate is very much known for expressing his honest and sometimes controversial opinions, but has nonetheless built up a huge following in the matter of a year.

The 35-year-old is also extremely successful and wealthy, often publicly portraying his way of living to his fanbase. Despite Tate's financial riches and successful lifestyle, he was also known for his kickboxing and short MMA career.

Andrew Tate vs. Jake Paul in the future?

With Andrew Tate's profile continuously rising, he is becoming a big enough star to be put in the same conversation as the Paul brothers for a boxing fight.

The conversation over fighting Jake Paul is already a topic that the 35-year-old has covered in his YouTube videos in the past. He has indeed backed up his interest in fighting Paul when asked about the possibility of a matchup on The Fellas podcast.

Tate told the podcast hosts:

"I made a video that called out Jake Paul. It's on my YouTube channel. I called him out when he insulted Conor Mcgregor... When I made the video, I really disliked Jake Paul [but] now I don't dislike him, I understand him."

The former fighter then added:

"I want to make something clear, I would still kick the living f*** out of Jake Paul. I'm not some washed-up UFC fighter. I'm not smaller than him. I would beat the living s*** out of him and if he wants to fight, I'll fight him every day of the week."

'Cobra' would certainly represent a much bigger fight for Jake Paul than Hasim Rahman Jr., which got canceled, and could possibly be even bigger than Tommy Fury vs. Paul.

If the correct sum of money can be stumped up for the clash, it could become a real possibility considering fan interest.

Watch the full clip of Tate discussing the subject here:


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