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Light Heavyweight

Light Heavyweight is a weight class in Pro-Boxing that has been recognised worldwide by all the major boxing organisations.

In amateur boxing, fighters above 165 pounds and weighing up to 178 pounds belong to this weight class and usually falls between the Middleweight and Heavyweight divisions.

However in Professional boxing there is a change in the way it is defined. Fighters above 168 pounds are considered in the division and the upper weight limit is kept at 175 pounds. Light Heavyweight in Pro-boxing falls in between the weight divisions Super Middleweight and Cruiser-weight.

The division has produced some of the finest fighters and champions in Pro-boxing with the likes of Bernard Hopkins, Tommy Loughran and Billy Conn gracing the Light Heavyweight.

Over the years, many of the champions in the division have gone on to challenge champions in other divisions like the Cruiserweight and Heavyweight. Michael Spinks became the first reigning champion of this weight class to win the Heavyweight championship. Bob Fitzsimmons went the other way around as he won the light-heavyweight championship after relinquishing the heavyweight title.

Some of the greatest heavyweights in the history of boxing started off as light-heavyweights before making the graduation. Ezzard Charles and Floyd Patterson are two prime examples of fighters who made this progression in their careers. Evander Holyfield jumped to the cruiserweight division from light heavyweight and then made the move to the heavyweight class. Holyfield was a champion in both the divisions.

Here are the current champions in the division

Sanctioning bodyReign BeganChampionRecordDefences
WBA18th September 2017Dmitry Bivol13-0-0 (11 KO)2
WBC8th June 2013Adonis Stevenson29-1-0 (24 KO)8
IBF11th November 2017Artur Beterbiev12-0-0 (12 KO)0
WBO25th November 2017Sergey Kovalev32-2-1 (28 KO)1
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