Has legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather had hair implants put in his scalp?

Floyd Mayweather v Logan Paul
Floyd Mayweather v Logan Paul

Floyd Mayweather is one of the greatest boxers of all time, and like most athletes of his stature, his looks matter to him. Almost always seen sporting a shaved head and a goatee, Mayweather recently shocked his fans when he came out with a head full of hair and a beard.

The new look prompted a lot of talk about Floyd Mayweather getting a hair and beard transplant. Despite no official or verified information on the subject, hair restoration surgeon Dr. Gary Linkov provided his take on the subject in a YouTube video uploaded to his channel. He said:

“This much hair for the beard could easily take up like 1400, probably closer to 1800 grafts. And then, depending, I can’t see the full head, depending how much hair he needed here, you’re looking at probably at least another thousand if you just did into the frontal area. So that’s a lot of grafts and probably he did a transplant of maybe two thousand, maybe twenty-two hundred, up to maybe 2600 grafts.”

The doctor also explained the intricacies behind the procedure and has several other videos talking about the entire process in detail on his channel.

This seemingly does confirm that Floyd Mayweather did undergo hair transplant surgery. While there is often some stigma around the subject, if the greatest boxer of all time can do it, it could help other people feel comfortable getting the surgery themselves.

Watch the full video here:


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Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul goes the distance

Mayweather grew his hair out in the build-up to his fight against YouTube star Logan Paul which finally took place on 6th June 2021. The fight itself was a largely drab affair, but Mayweather did look like he was dominating Paul for most of it.

While Paul does deserve all the credit in the world for standing toe-to-toe in the ring for 24 minutes, he didn't look like a threat to Mayweather very often.

The fight ended up being a draw as it was an exhibition bout, and no judges were present. Both Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul have said that they would get in the ring again, so their fans may have something to look forward to soon.

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