Exclusive: "He should be in Hollywood" - Former sponsor Dan Knight believes Andrew Tate says most controversial things for clout

Andrew Tate Hollywood [Images via: @Cobratate on Twitter]
Andrew Tate Hollywood [Images via: @Cobratate on Twitter]

Andrew Tate has nurtured a dedicated fanbase through the perpetuation of ideas that some might label toxic masculinity. His teachings tend to exalt alpha male archetypes, often undermining the diverse manifestations of masculinity.

Demonstrating the extent of Andrew Tate's appeal, a recent analysis of search volumes by Exploding Topics unveils his prominence in today's time. As of August 2023, this study places Tate as the third most frequently searched personality on Google. Interestingly, Tate's popularity, as denoted by this ranking, surpasses even that of actress Jenna Ortega, who rose to prominence through her role in the American comedy horror television series Wednesday.

Andrew Tate's former sponsor and the founder of Sidekick Boxing, Daniel Knight spoke in length about the retired kickboxer's fighting days and his seemingly misogynistic ways in a recent exclusive interview with Sportskeeda MMA.

While speaking about Tate's legal battle in Romania that included charges of ra*e, human trafficking, and forming a criminal gang to sexually exploit women, Daniel Knight insisted that the retired kickboxer does it for clout. He stated:

"I think he can be like an actor. To be honest I think he should be in Hollywood. What he says on camera doesn't mean what he [believes] in person. If you bring it back, he literally used to set up a camera in his own room and start ranting about [topics] for views."

Touching upon allegations that Tate influences young minds to force women to take part in pornography, Knight added:

"I'm glad you brought that up because he's saying things for clout. I do think whether he's believed these things or not, that has been another marketing ploy. That's exactly the same thing he did for Sidekick. He boasted about money I had given him... Huge chunks of cash that I hadn't. So I know a lot of things he does for clout."

Catch Daniel Knight's comments (9:19 onwards) in the exclusive interview with Sportskeeda MMA:


Daniel Knight details the last conversation he had with Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate, his brother Tristan, and two Romanian women have been charged in Romania for forming an organized criminal group in 2021 and engaging in human trafficking across Romania, Britain, and the United States.

Tate was arrested in December 2022 and most recently the 36-year-old and his brother were released from house arrest by a Romanian court, marking their first taste of freedom in over nine months.

Speaking about Tate's legal trouble in the aforementioned exclusive interview with Sportskeeda MMA, Knight added (12:40):

"I told him that his messages can be taken out of context if that's what it's about. I've had a bit of a legal sort of situation myself but be careful and trust in your own lawyers... The longer this case goes on the more they're going to be rinsing money from him."

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