"He was negotiating"- Chuck Liddell recounts Vin Diesel's involvement when 'The Iceman' confronted Tito Ortiz for harsh girlfriend comments

Chuck Liddell and Vin Diesel (left) and Tito Ortiz (right). (via Getty Images and UFC)
Chuck Liddell and Vin Diesel (left) and Tito Ortiz (right). (via Getty Images and UFC)

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell recently narrated a story involving the popular Hollywood actor Vin Diesel.

Liddell spoke to fitness influencer Bradley Martyn on his podcast and recalled a run-in with another former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz. Ortiz's comments about Liddell's personal life forced 'The Iceman' to confront him:

“So Tito [Ortiz] when he was fighting Vitor Belfort, he was doing a radio interview in San Diego, said ‘I don’t date white trash like Chuck’ And a bunch of guys called me up… So I wasn’t real happy with him. We went to that fight and after the fight there’s an afterparty at I think seven, John Huntington was promoting it, friend of ours. He comes up to me, he’s like ‘Bro, you gotta squash this stuff with Tito because your guys are going to fight his guys... I don’t need problems with you. Please squash it.’"

Liddell then mentioned that Vin Diesel, one of the highest grossing actors in the world, was also present backstage and mediating the altercation, which had an amicable resolution. He said:

"I went over, they got Tito over. Actually Vin Diesel was there too, I don’t know he was negotiating I guess. But I’m like okay, it’s real simple. He was trying to get us to talk. I’m like okay, first off this is my girlfriend, apologize. Secondly, you ever talk about my family and friends on a radio interview again, I know where you live, I’ll come beat you in your living room, you understand that? He’s like yeah, no man, I got it, I’m sorry, I wasn’t talking about her.”

Check Chuck Liddell's full comments below on YouTube (17:00):


Chuck Liddell points out what made Conor McGregor great

UFC icon Conor McGregor is often considered the most recognizable face of the promotion and was a global ambassador for the sport during his prime.

Chuck Liddell spoke to Bill Maher in a recent interview and highlighted the genius behind McGregor's marketing strategy and how he promoted himself. Liddell said:

"Marketing. He was exciting and he won when he needed to. He won exciting fights, he beat some guys, knocked guys out when he needed to. He had a personality and kept pushing it and I mean, it got huge. He beat some bad guys. I really think he beat him [Jose Aldo], he knocked him out in the first round. I watched all his fights."

Liddell lauded 'The Notorious' for sticking to his loud persona and not compromising on it.

Check out Chuck Liddell's full comments about McGregor below:

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