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'He took the bracelet?!' - Daniel Cormier was hilariously confused by Jan Blachowicz's noose story

Jan Blachowicz at the forest (left); Jan Blachowicz with the bracelet (right)
Jan Blachowicz at the forest (left); Jan Blachowicz with the bracelet (right)
Johny Payne
Modified 07 Mar 2021

Daniel Cormier was hilariously confused by Jan Blachowicz’s noose story. Cormier apparently thought that Jan Blachowicz had taken a bracelet off the dead man whom Blachowicz had found hanging from a tree in a forest.

The story of Jan Blachowicz and his good luck rope has been an intriguing topic of discussion in the MMA community as of late. This wasn't only due to Blachowicz winning the UFC light heavyweight title in September 2020, but also because of the purported superstition and possible supernatural angle involved.

During the UFC 259 weigh-in show, Laura Sanko and her co-panelists, including Daniel Cormier, addressed Jan Blachowicz’s suicide rope story. Laura Sanko stated:

“The dead man’s noose around his wrist…He (Jan Blachowicz) was walking in the woods. He found a dead body.”
Laura Sanko went on to hilariously impersonate Jan Blachowicz with his accent. Sanko continued, “And when you hear him describe it, it’s like, ‘I was walking in the woods, and I saw a dead man. And I said, oh, are you okay? But he was not. Hahaha.’”

Daniel Cormier was seemingly still confused by the story. Cormier appeared to believe that Blachowicz took a bracelet from the dead man, whereas Sanko was explaining that Blachowicz made a bracelet out of a piece of the noose that the dead man was hanging off the tree from.

"He took the bracelet?" Cormier exclaimed, his confusion ignored.
Sanko added: “In Poland, it’s considered good luck, I guess. And he would go back to the spot before fights and kind of be there. But he was worried about the rope getting taken, so he had it turned into a bracelet. And he wears the man’s noose.” (*H/T Sportskeeda for the transcription)

MMA legend Daniel Cormier eventually seemed to understand the story that Laura Sanko and the others were expounding upon.


Jan Blachowicz and the good luck noose – The supernatural suicide rope from a Polish forest

Jan Blachowicz won the UFC light heavyweight title at UFC 253 in September 2020
Jan Blachowicz won the UFC light heavyweight title at UFC 253 in September 2020

It’s unclear as to when exactly Jan Blachowicz encountered the dead man and found the noose, but a brief account of the story is as follows: Blachowicz was walking his dogs in a forest in Warsaw, Poland, when he spotted a man hanging from a tree. Blachowicz supposedly mistook the man to be alive, but soon realized that he was hanging off a noose and had probably already passed away.

Jan Blachowicz informed the local authorities, who retrieved the body from the tree. One of the police officers present at the scene spoke to Blachowicz about the spiritual significance of the rope that’s been used by a person to hang themselves to death.

The belief is that when one finds a man who has hanged himself, it’s considered good luck to take the rope that they used to hang themselves with. The suicide rope is believed to be a lucky charm.


Blachowicz then conducted his own research into this local belief and found relevant information on the internet which confirmed that the police officer was indeed speaking the truth.

In the time that ensued, Jan Blachowicz made it a tradition to go back to the forest before his fights and touch the rope for good luck. Blachowicz chose to adhere to this practice rather than take the rope home with him, as he wasn’t fully comfortable with taking it home.

The reason behind the authorities leaving the rope on the tree is unclear, but either way, Jan Blachowicz kept returning to the forest to touch the rope before his fights. Blachowicz recently revealed that he took a piece of the rope and had a bracelet made out of it that he keeps with himself.

Shedding light upon why he created the bracelet, Jan Blachowicz explained that he was worried that someone might cut the tree down or take the rope away. And that’s why he chose to take a piece of it and turn it into a bracelet.

Published 07 Mar 2021, 05:51 IST
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