Henry Cejudo predicts doomsday scenario for Conor McGregor in potential clash against Canelo Alvarez 

Conor McGregor [Left], and Canelo Alvarez [Right]
Conor McGregor [Left], and Canelo Alvarez [Right]

Henry Cejudo isn't confident of Conor McGregor's chances in a hypothetical boxing bout against Canelo Alvarez.

Cejudo posted a video on his Twitter account, where he explained what he believes would happen in a boxing bout between McGregor and Alvarez. He mentioned that it would essentially be a doomsday scenario for the Irishman as the boxing champion would likely intend to make an example out of him.

"Is a fight with him [Conor McGregor] and Canelo [Alvarez], is that something that I think more or likely could take place? Canelo would be all about it because you know why? because it's easy money for him. And you up against a guy like Canelo, Canelo's gonna stop you in the first or second round. Like, he's gonna make an example of you," said Cejudo.

'Triple C' then brought up that 'The Notorious' is a much different fighter because of his fame and wealth. He mentioned that he believes it is difficult for his body to push through knowing the type of lifestyle he's used to, saying:

"We have to respect also, he's living a whole nother life...You know, sleeping in silk pajamas, flying private everywhere he goes, but I still know that he does have that chip on his shoulder and he still wants to compete at the highest levels...His mind may want to, but is his body still willing to give that push?"

If a boxing bout with Alvarez materialized, it would be interesting to see whether McGregor could last as long as he did against Floyd Mayweather or if Cejudo's two-round prediction would be correct.

Henry Cejudo responds to Conor McGregor trolling him after his loss to Aljamain Sterling

Henry Cejudo shared his thoughts on Conor McGregor trolling him after his bantamweight title fight loss to Aljamain Sterling at UFC 288.

In the aforementioned video that was posted to his Twitter account, 'Triple C' responded that he didn't take McGregor mocking his breakdown and analysis videos personally. On the contrary, Cejudo mentioned that he wishes other would do it as well, saying:

"I like it because as much as I can give it guys, I can take it. I don't think people really understand that...I'll be honest with you, I wished people picked on me a little bit more."

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