"How f***ing smart were those people" - When Joe Rogan stated his astonishment at the ancient civilizations that built the pyramids 

Joe Rogan during JRE episode 1897 [Image courtesy @PowrefulJRE YouTube]
Joe Rogan during JRE episode #1897 [Image courtesy @PowrefulJRE YouTube]

During episode #1891 of The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) podcast, UFC commentator Joe Rogan stated his astonishment at the ability of ancient civilizations to build architectural wonders like the great pyramids.

Rogan questioned how a civilization that old possessed such advanced knowledge to build complex structures like the Great Pyramid of Giza:

"The great pyramids of Egypt and all the structures of Egypt, they are so magnificent that you have to wonder what that society was like, what was those cultures like... [When] Someone says those things are 5000 years old... How f***ing smart were those people? How did they know all that? What was it like living among them... The Great Pyramid of Giza is 2,300,000 stones... The way it's engineered is beyond imagination."

Watch Joe Rogan talk about the pyramids below:


Rogan further suggested that perhaps human civilization was even more advanced in the past, and like the Younger Dryas impact theory professes, an asteroid impact might have set us back centuries:

"I think it's the Graham Hancock-Randall Carlson idea. I think human beings had reached a very high level of sophistication and we got f***ing flatlined again by comet impacts. That's the Younger Dryas impact theory and that makes a f**k load of sense."

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When Graham Hancock told Joe Rogan about technological mysteries of the past

During episode #1897 of JRE, British author Graham Hancock explained that archeologists were hitting a dead end with many of the past's technological mysteries because they were quite different from the current practices.

Hancock explained that ancient Egyptians might have even used sound-based technologies to lift heavy structures:

"The key thing is we are looking at technologies that are not the same as ours. That's partly why archeologists can't see them. They are looking for us in the past... I always go back to the ancient Egyptian traditions that speak of priests chanting as these huge blocks were lifted into the air. Were they using some kind of sound... to manipulate matter? We know sound can manipulate matter."

Watch a clip of Randall Carlson and Graham Hancock on JRE below:


Rogan's other guest for the episode, Randall Carlson, also chimed in saying that a few people were working in secret to rediscover these technologies for decades and that they were going to make their findings "open source" in the near future.

Watch the full JRE episode below:

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