How to watch Joe Rogan's podcast?

Stand-up comedian and UFC commentator Joe Rogan at the UFC 269 official weigh-in ceremony last month
Stand-up comedian and UFC commentator Joe Rogan at the UFC 269 official weigh-in ceremony last month

Fans can watch Joe Rogan's podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, on the Spotify app for free. Clips of each episode will also be uploaded to the Powerful JRE YouTube channel.

Rogan's podcast successfully completed a whopping 1760 episodes on Saturday and has had guests from various walks of life so far. Guests have ranged from Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk to Hollywood actor Kevin Hart and legendary boxer Mike Tyson.

"An incredibly disturbing deep dive into the inner workings of pharmaceutical companies and how they distort data and cost lives with John Abramson. Now available on @spotify," posted Rogan.

Here's how Joe Rogan recently promoted episode 1756 of his podcast on Twitter:

Rogan started his free podcast in December 2009. Over 10 years later, he signed a licensing deal, worth over $100 million, with the world's largest music streaming service provider Spotify.

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast will be available for video streaming on mobiles, tablets and laptops. However, only audio will be available for Spotify on television sets.

Joe Rogan and Dana White in 2021 Variety 500 list for most powerful people in the entertainment business

UFC commentator Joe Rogan and president Dana White have been named in Variety magazine's 500 list of the most powerful people working in the global entertainment and media business for 2021.

Rogan was part of Variety 500 mainly due to his podcast and the controversial topics he has dealt with in various episodes of it. The 54-year-old comedian, actor, and former television presenter was criticized by several people for attacking ‘woke’ culture and COVID-19 vaccines.

White, on the other hand, made the list for his stance on the coronavirus. White led the charge to get events back to normal in 2021, becoming one of the first few sports to have full crowds at shows as well.

The UFC president has previously declared that the UFC would never require its fighters to be vaccinated. He's also allowed thousands of fans to attend pay-per-views in the United States without wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.

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