How did Prichard Colon get hurt? Explaining the illegal move that gave the boxer brain injury

PBC on NBC: Lamont Peterson v Felix Diaz Jr.
PBC on NBC: Lamont Peterson v Felix Diaz Jr.

Rabbit punches caused Prichard Colon to get hurt and end his boxing career.

'Digget' has been back in the spotlight, as he's closing in on eight years out of the ring. Famously, the super welterweight prospect entered a 2015 fight with Terrel Williams as an undefeated boxer with a lot of hope.

Sadly, that night in October 2015 wound up being the final fight of Colon's boxing career. In that fight against Williams, he was repeatedly struck in the back of the head with 'rabbit punches'. The term began being used well over a century ago, as hunters used to kill the animal with a small hit to the back of the head.

Obviously, humans are much larger animals than rabbits. Still, punches to the back of the head are incredibly dangerous and can kill a person.

Despite this, Terrel Williams landed several punches to the back of Prichard Colon's head. Despite complaining to the referee about the illegal shots, the official instructed the Puerto Rican boxer to "take care of it" himself.

Sadly, due to the illegal strikes, Colon nearly lost his life. He was disqualified after round nine after his corner removed his gloves after he complained of dizziness. Following the bout, he would head backstage with his mother. There, he began puking in the dressing room and was quickly rushed to the hospital.

The boxer was incredibly lucky to not lose his life eight years ago. However, he wound up spending nearly a year in a coma, and he's been recovering ever since.

Rabbit Punches: How is Prichard Colon recovering after the illegal blows?

Due to the illegal rabbit punches that he suffered, Prichard Colon has never been the same.

Deontay Wilder famously said following a knockout win over Robert Helenius last Fall, that fans have to remember the story of 'Digget'. Lost in all the glitz and glamour of professional boxing is that these are real human beings underneath it all.

Colon will likely never get to become a boxer, and even questions about walking again are still on the table, let alone a return to fighting in any capacity.

That being said, Colon's story didn't end with his illegal rabbit punches. On social media since 2015, his mother has continued to update fans with the boxer's progress since his injury. Obviously, he still has quite a way to go.

However, Colon is now able to exercise, communicate, and move in a wheelchair on his own. Furthermore, he is working on walking, which would be an incredible feat.

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