"I could even get my missus to wear it" - When Conor McGregor left a pair of red panties on Jose Aldo's door as a cryptic joke

Conor McGregor
Jose Aldo (left) and Conor McGregor (right)

Conor McGregor's rivalry with Jose Aldo was one for the ages. The two clashed at UFC 194 when 'The Notorious' knocked Aldo out in just 13 seconds to become the undisputed featherweight champion and handed him his first defeat in over a decade.

However, in just his next bout, Jose Aldo went on to win the interim featherweight championship against Frankie Edgar. Interestingly, McGregor congratulated the Brazilian by leaving a pair of red panties on his door. It's safe to say that it was a rather cryptic joke by 'The Notorious' who coined the catchphrase "red panty night" to indicate a big money fight.

Talking about the same backstage at UFC 283 earlier this year, Jose Aldo had this to say about Conor McGregor leaving a pair of red panties at his door:

“It was just good-hearted, lighthearted fun. I think we were in Red Rock owned by Lorenzo [Fertitta] in Vegas and we were window to window and there was a night I beat Frankie Edgar, so he just sent it out as a lighthearted joke. I didn’t do anything with it. But maybe. I could even get my missus to wear it or something.” [via a translator]

Catch Jose Aldo's comments in the video below (11:47):


Dana White is optimistic about Michael Chandler vs. Conor McGregor fighting this year

There has been a lot of speculation surrounding Conor McGregor's matchup against Michael Chandler. While the news of the bout excited the fans, the hopes of the fight happening this year have diminished with McGregor failing to enter the USADA testing pool in time.

However, UFC president Dana White still seems to be optimistic. During a recent interview with TSN, White was asked about the possibility of the fight happening this year, to which he replied:


While further speaking about USADA, Dana White had this to say:

"I don't talk about s*it until s*it happens. You know what I mean...To sit here and think hypothetically how million different things are gonna happen...no idea, I am focused on what's happening this Saturday and then the next Saturday and you know what I mean. UFC 300 isn't even in mind right now, the Conor Thing who the hell knows how that's gonna play out, who cares what USADA says, we'll see what happens when it happens. So I don't know."

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