"I f***ing love that thing" - When Joe Rogan hyped up Iron Neck training to Frankie Edgar

Joe Rogan (left) Iron Neck halo (center) Frankie Edgar (right) [Image courtesy @joerogan @theironneck @framkieedgar Instagram]
Joe Rogan (left) Iron Neck halo (center) Frankie Edgar (right) [Image courtesy @joerogan @theironneck @framkieedgar Instagram]

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan seems to be a fan of the Iron Neck fitness equipment.

During the 88th MMA show edition of The Joe Rogan Experience, the 55-year-old told former UFC lightweight champion, Frankie Edgar, that Iron Neck was the best neck training equipment out there.

Watch Joe Rogan try out Iron Neck below:


The UFC commentator explained that the equipment is especially useful for wrestlers and jiu-jitsu athletes since it would help them build the neck strength necessary to navigate many grappling scenarios. He continued:

"The Iron Neck, I f***ing love that thing... Dude it's the s**t. It's the single best thing I've ever used for building neck muscles. And for jiu-jitsu and wrestling it's fantastic too... Well, the idea is your neck is constantly resisting...like you are trying to posture out of a triangle [choke] and sh*t. When do you ever work out your neck in that way?"

Watch Joe Rogan explain the merits of Iron Neck below:


Rogan added that the equipment provides the most optimal angle to train one's neck muscles:

"So it's basically just the muscles in your neck and you are not making your neck hold weights at a weird angle. It's just straight, your neck is always straight, and it's turning. It's just the muscles are getting exercise and every thing gets stronger."

Watch the full JRE episode below:

When Joe Rogan said he judges people on the size of their necks

During episode 1492 of JRE, Joe Rogan confessed to ex-Navy SEAL Jocko Willink that he judges people who have thin necks. The podcast host explained that neck training is instrumental since it's a muscle people use regularly:

"I judge people on their necks. Yeah, if I see someone with a skinny neck I just go, what are you doing man? It's not good. It just doesn't seem like a good thing to have. That's the thing that holds your head on."

Watch the JRE clip below:


The former Navy SEAL also chimed in, saying that the neck is a vulnerable part oe human anatomy and people need to take care of it, especially if they are involved in combat sports like jiu-jitsu:

"There are people that go through their whole life doing whatever paperwork and they end up with a bad neck. Neck is a vulnerable thing and you need to take care of it especially when you are abusing it. When you are getting choked, when you are not tapping."

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