"I can't imagine what Conor is going through" - Kamaru Usman says he understands it's tough being Conor McGregor

Kamaru Usman (Left) and Conor McGregor (Right)
Kamaru Usman (Left) and Conor McGregor (Right)

UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman says he understands the burden of the consequences that Conor McGregor carries for being a brash, outspoken fighter.

Despite being a dominant champion who is currently undefeated in the UFC, Kamaru Usman has been a favorite target of those who believe that trash-talking and self-promotion is essential for a UFC fighter's success. The notion is generally derived from the success fighters like Conor McGregor have had in garnering public attention.

In a recent appearance on the True Geordie Podcast, Kamaru Usman shared his thoughts on what drives him to stay away from promotional tactics like trash-talking and personal attacks.

Kamaru Usman does not want to look back at his fighting career and regret the things he said

Kamaru Usman is known for his straight-forward approach to fighting without employing personal attacks or other forms of insults towards his opponents.

While stating that he aspires to set an example of moral behavior for his growing daughter, Usman aired his thoughts on the situation Conor McGregor has recently found himself in.

Brash and outspoken personality played a crucial role in Conor McGregor's success during the peak of his career. However, McGregor has not been able to maintain success since becoming the first simultaneous two-division UFC champion in 2016.

Fellow fighters and critics of his promotional tactics have ridiculed the former champ, especially since his loss to Dustin Poirier in January 2021.

While stating that the criticism was a reaction to Conor McGregor's methods of gaining attention, Kamaru Usman alluded that he was not willing to be subject to ridicule that had come Conor McGregor's way.

"My daddy used to always say, 'Everybody loves the chair, but while they're chairing they can't make the move.' That's exactly what Conor (must feel like) and I know it. It's tough. I know it's hard being Conor (McGregor). I know it's hard. I am a champion and I know how hard it is to be the champion now. I can't imagine what Conor's going through. That's gotta be hard. You can't do anything," Kamaru Usman said.
"People can't wait to move because now people are just waiting to rub it in your face. Of course you've got the money, you've got all this, you've got all that. But bro, you got knocked out in your last fight. And then you're one in your last four or five fights, something like that. People can't wait to throw that in your face. So yeah, it's a tough life to lead," Usman added.

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