"I was smoking weed till six days before" - Jorge Masvidal makes shocking admission to Jake Paul 

Jake Paul (left) and Jorge Masvidal (right) [Image credits: Getty Images and @gamebredfighter on Instagram]
Jake Paul (left) and Jorge Masvidal (right) [Image credits: Getty Images and @gamebredfighter on Instagram]

Former UFC star Jorge Masvidal recently made some surprising revelations about his pre-fight habits and revealed that he once smoked marijuana just six days before a fight.

Masvidal is widely known as one of the longest-active fighters in MMA and famously held the UFC's BMF title. He also has the record for the fastest knockout in promotional history. After Gilbert Burns handed him his fourth straight loss at UFC 287, 'Gamebred' announced his retirement after a storied career that spanned two decades.

Given his experience in the octagon, Jorge Masvidal undoubtedly has a lot of stories to share. The 38-year-old recently staged a viral altercation with Jake Paul to promote their interview on Paul's podcast where the two discussed various combat sports-related topics.

During their conversation on BS w/ Jake Paul, 'Gamebred' was asked about his unhealthiest habits during fight camp and how many days before a fight he stopped smoking marijuana. While Masvidal refused to name his unhealthiest pre-fight habit, he claimed:

"No, I stop [smoking weed]. I've also, because of the circumstances and I took a fight on short notice, I was smoking weed six days before a fight... I took a fight on six days notice... With Usman [Kamaru Usman]... In a pro-fight, never."

Catch Jorge Masvidal's comments below (22:35):


Jorge Masvidal UFC: 'Gamebred' weighs in on the fighter pay issue in the UFC

In the same interview, Jorge Masvidal shared his opinion on the ongoing UFC fighter pay issue and claimed it isn't realistic for the promotion to increase its fee structure.

Fighter pay has been an ongoing debate among combat sports fans and fighters for quite some time now. While UFC president Dana White has consistently refused to alter the fee given to fighters, many MMA stars like Francis Ngannou have thrust the issue into the spotlight.

Considering that Jorge Masvidal went from being a street fighter to one of the biggest superstars in the UFC, the Miami native knows a thing or two about struggling mixed martial artists. He also runs his own MMA promotion Gamebred Promotions.

During his recent interview with Jake Paul, 'Gamebred' opened up about the salary issue and stated:

"I know Dana's running a business and he's a great businessman so can he give out the cheques that we want as fighters? That's like a business decision. [I've called for] more money for the fighters because it's a fu**ing tough job. You shouldn't be in the top 10 having to fu**ing work at Walmart or something. You just can't pay the guys too much because you don't know who's worth that."

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