"I want to bring a different excitement" - MMA legend Demetrious Johnson on bringing Gi jiu-jitsu back to its former glory

Demetrious Johnson is motivated to continue in the Gi
Demetrious Johnson is motivated to continue in the Gi

Demetrious Johnson is currently focused on a specific objective that has consumed in recent times since he has been training in the Gi. 'Mighty Mouse' has done everything there is to do in MMA and his status as one of the greatest to ever do it is already assured.

Now, Johnson is motivated to improve his grappling skills in a format that forces him to learn and adapt to new facets of the jiu-jitsu game.

Through his YouTube channel and social media clips alone, there will be a lot of MMA fans out there who have been exposed to grappling tournaments in the Gi. The grappling world underwent a big shift when over time, no-Gi became the more popular and common form of competition.

During a recent episode of MightyCast, where he was joined by elite grappler Kade Ruotolo, Johnson spoke about his passion for competing in the Gi and how he hopes to help bring this back into focus:

"I appreciate that because I want to bring a different excitement to the Gi. Even though I just got to the party, right? I'm the new kid on the block, I enjoy it. I love it."

Watch the full podcast interview below:


It's easy to see what hooked Demetrious Johnson

Of course, Demetrious Johnson himself will be the first person to tell you that he isn't perfect in MMA and that he could always improve.

Even with that being said, learning to compete in the Gi was an entirely new challenge for him at first and that makes it exciting for an accomplished competitor like 'Mighty Mouse'.

He personally feels like competing in the Gi is more interesting as a result because it changes up so many aspects of a match.

Johnson is certainly already helping to put more eyes on this side of grappling as he continues to climb up the ladder of this new pursuit.

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