ONE Championship Champions

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ONE Championship is one of the world's premier combat sports promotions.

Featuring an impressive mix of MMA, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and grappling, the promotion is the first in class regarding catering to a wide variety of combat sports.

ONE Championship Champions
ONE Championship Champions

World Champions

Men (MMA)

DivisionChampionSinceDefensesNext Fight
HeavyweightArjan BhullarMay 15, 20210ONE Fight Night 8 - Unification
Anatoly Malykhin (interim)February 11, 2022
Light HeavyweightAnatoly MalykhinDecember 3, 20220
MiddleweightReinier De RidderOctober 30, 20202TBD
WelterweightChristian LeeNovember 19, 20220TBD
LightweightAugust 26, 20220
FeatherweightTang KaiAugust 26, 20220TBD
BantamweightFabrício AndradeFebruary 25, 20230TBD
FlyweightDemetrious JohnsonAugust 27, 20220ONE Fight Night 10 - Adriano Moraes
StrawweightJarred BrooksDecember 3, 20220TBD

Men (Kickboxing)

DivisionChampionSinceDefensesNext Fight
Light HeavyweightRoman KrykliaNovember 16, 20192TBD
LightweightRegian EerselMay 17, 20194TBD
FeatherweightChingiz AllazovJanuary 14, 20230TBD
BantamweightPetchtanong PetchfergusNovember 19, 20220TBD
FlyweightSuperlek KiatmuukaoJanuary 14, 20230TBD
StrawweightJonathan Di BellaOctober 21, 20220TBD

Men (Muay Thai)

DivisionChampionSinceDefensesNext Fight
LightweightRegian EerselOctober 22, 20220TBD
FeatherweightTawanchai P.K. SaenchaiSeptember 29, 20221TBD
BantamweightNong-O GaiyanghadaoFebruary 16, 20197TBD
FlyweightRodtang JitmuangnonAugust 2, 20194TBD
StrawweightJoseph LasiriMay 20, 20220TBD

Women (MMA)

DivisionChampionSinceDefensesNext Fight
StrawweightXiong Jing NanJanuary 20, 20187TBD
AtomweightAngela LeeMay 6, 20165TBD

Women (Kickboxing)

DivisionChampionSinceDefensesNext Fight
AtomweightJanet ToddFebruary 28, 20200TBA - Allycia Rodrigues

Women (Muay Thai)

DivisionChampionSinceDefensesNext Fight
StrawweightSmilla SundellApril 22, 20220TBD
AtomweightAllycia RodriguesAugust 28, 20200ONE Fight Night 8 - Unification
Janet Todd (interim)July 22, 20220

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