"If you listen to the trolls" - Tristan Tate backs Andrew Tate's remark about Israel-Palestine conflict

Andrew Tate (left) backed by Tristan Tate (right) again trolls [Images courtesy of @Cobratate and @TateTheTalisman on X]
Andrew Tate (left) backed by Tristan Tate (right) again trolls [Images courtesy of @Cobratate and @TateTheTalisman on X]

In a recent post on X (formerly Twitter), Andrew Tate's brother, Tristan. clapped back at trolls for trying to paint his brother as a proponent of pro-Israeli propoganda.

To reaffirm his brother's stance on the ongoing war, the controversial social media celebrity shared an interview featuring Andrew Tate, who spoke to English journalist Piers Morgan. In the interview, the former ISKA kickboxing world champion vehemently criticized Israel for its assault on the Palestine.

In the interview, Tate reaffirmed his feelings on the conflict by accusing Israel of committing genocide towards the people of Palestine:

"I think when you call it a war, you are doing a disservice to the people who are having their limbs blown off by some of the most advanced technical weaponry on the planet. It is a genocide and it's disgusting. It doesn't matter which side of the political spectrum you fall on, when you observe a genocide in front of your very eyes, you should be disgusted. The Israelis are genociding the Palestinians. You know it and everybody else does."

Catch Andrew Tate's comments about the Israel-Palestine conflict below:

Furthermore, in his post, the younger Tate accused internet trolls of using photoshopped images of his brother to try and misrepresent his allegiances. He wrote:

"If you listen to the trolls, Andrew is an agent of Israeli thought. They even pass this photo around which CLEARLY isn't photoshopped from the image on the right. He must just be standing in the same position on the same day, in the same lighting. Fake and gay."

Catch Tristan Tate's comments below:

When Andrew Tate seemingly cast aspersions on the Israeli Intelligence agency

In a cryptic post on X in October 2023, Andrew Tate seemingly questioned the legitimacy of Hamas' attack on Israel.

In the post, the controversial social media celebrity reasoned it was particularly strange that Israel's intelligence agency failed to get wind of such a major security infraction. He wrote:

The "free thinkers" of on the American right are screaming for genocide without giving the questions as to how MOSSAD could fail on such a monumental level a fraction of thought. Ushered into another Psyop. They all c*cked for COVID the same."

Catch Andrew Tate's comments below:

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