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Is Logan Paul colorblind? 

Logan Paul Workout Showcase
Logan Paul Workout Showcase
Anwesha Nag
Modified 06 Jan 2021, 01:03 IST

Logan Paul claims that he is red-green colorblind, which means he is unable to distinguish red and green color pigments.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer is no stranger to doing whatever it takes to get the attention of his followers.

In one of his early YouTube videos, his first viral one, Logan Paul claimed that a pair of special glasses had cured his colorblindness. The 2016 video was titled, "THESE GLASSES CURED MY COLORBLINDNESS!"

From watching a sunset to realizing the colors on his parrots, Logan Paul delivered a committed performance in the video, which now has more than 29 million views. However, it divided the internet community. While some believed the emotions in the video were real, others found particular plotholes in the story - things he said did not add up with how people experience colorblindness in real life.

Logan Paul: I embellished the video

Logan Paul cleared the air in a video a year later, saying that it was indeed a performance. He admitted that he had made a few things up for the sake of storytelling, such as not knowing the colors of his parrot.

"I wanted to create an amazing story, an amazing piece of content that showed what it means to be colorblind. Just like any storyteller, I exaggerated my reactions. I did not lie. What I did do is embellish. You heighten the circumstances and make it a little bit more fun but there is a core and a truth to it."

Logan Paul also talked about it on an episode of his Impaulsive podcast, where they even laughed at the mistake they made by faking that video. However, he did emphasize that he actually is colorblind.

"I have said this before, I am color blind. But the video was incredibly embellished... I put on the glasses for the first time, and by the way, I was really expecting for something to happen, because I am red-green colorblind. So I put on these glasses... no change."

In a new video released in May, 2020, Logan Paul recreated the sunset scene from the first time around. However, this one seems much more genuine in its appeal, and also somewhat takes a dig at his own previous video for being overdramatic.

"I am gonna be honest. I remember in the video I made last time I wasn't like faking it, I was just exaggerating it. Yeah, I didn't need the waterworks, I didn't need to cry. But it really is pretty."

Published 06 Jan 2021, 01:03 IST
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