Is Wing Chun illegal in MMA?

UFC fighter Tony Ferguson training wing chun (image courtesy @tonyfergusonxt Instagram)
UFC fighter Tony Ferguson training wing chun (image courtesy @tonyfergusonxt Instagram)

Wing Chun as a discipline is not banned in MMA. In fact, fighters like Anderson Silva and Tony Ferguson have been known to use certain Wing Chun moves in their fights.

Watch Anderson Silva show off his Wing Chun moves below:


However, certain moves in Wing Chun, like eye pokes and groin strikes, are banned in MMA. However, this has more to do with the danger these techniques present to the fighters, rather than the discipline of Wing Chun itself.

According to The International Wing Chun Academy, Wing Chun is one of the youngest forms of Chinese Kung-fu. The martial art was founded by a Buddhist nun called Ng Mui during the Qing Dynasty.

As per, Mui wanted to create a martial art that didn't rely entirely on brute strength. The martial art focuses on limiting unnecessary movements and generating force in the most effective way possible.

Joe Rogan tells Robert Downey Jr. about Tony Ferguson using Wing Chun in MMA

In the 1441st edition of JRE, Joe Rogan hosted Avengers star and avid UFC fan Robert Downey Jr.

Realizing that the actor is a Wing Chun practitioner, Rogan noted that Tony Ferguson uses Wing Chun moves in his fights:

"You know, we rarely see that [Wing Chun] in the UFC. But one of the best fighters in the UFC uses it regularly. Tony Ferguson. Tony Ferguson uses trapping hands."

MCU's Iron Man told Rogan that this particular technique Ferguson used was called the Mook Jeong. Rogan further added:

"He grabs the wrists and comes over the top with elbows. He does straight Wing Chung. He does it all the time. He even practices on a wooden dummy."

Watch the full JRE clip below:


During the interview, Robert Downey Jr. told the UFC commentator that most of the artistic strides he has made in the last 15 year were the result of the principles he learned from his martial arts training.

The Marvel actor is a huge MMA fan. Answering a question on Buzzfeed about what he geeks out about, the actor said that it is the UFC, followed by history and design.

The actor has also attended live UFC events in the past. At UFC 248, one of the cameras captured the actor showing off his Wing Chun moves.

Watch Robert Downey Jr. show off his hand speed below:

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