"It's a lot of work to get there" - Jake Paul's coach reacts to 'The Problem Child' naming Canelo Alvarez as a potential opponent

YouTube star Jake Paul and #1 pound-for-pound boxer Canelo Alvarez
YouTube star Jake Paul and #1 pound-for-pound boxer Canelo Alvarez
Anurag Mitra

Jake Paul's coach, B.J. Flores, doesn't think his star pupil is ready to fight legendary boxer Canelo Alvarez yet. Paul is known for being an ambitious man and has previously expressed a desire to compete with Alvarez. However, his coach thinks Paul must improve a lot before taking on a boxer of such a high caliber.

In an interview with MMA Fighting, BJ Flores weighed in on the possibility of a potential showdown between Canelo Alvarez and Jake Paul. While praising Paul for his work ethic and determination to improve, Flores admitted that 'The Problem Child' isn't ready to fight Alvarez yet.

According to Flores, if Jake Paul continues to improve the way he has been recently, he may stand a chance against Canelo three to four years down the line:

"I think anybody when they first come into a sport, they want to go after the best guys you know, [but] to say he's ready for Canelo right now, I'm not going to say that. Come on. Like, Canelo is the pound-for-pound number one fighter. I mean it's a lot of work to get there. I mean, let's keep it real," said BJ Flores.

Jake Paul has the mentality to go up against any fighter in the world, claims his coach

The former pro-boxer also stated that Jake Paul is very keen to go up against the best fighters on the planet. According to Flores, if Canelo Alvarez was training in the same gym as 'The Problem Child', he would give his very best, day in and day out, to try and beat the Mexican boxer in sparring:

"You can't knock on Jake for wanting to fight against the best guys in the sport. He wants that and honestly, if I had Canelo in the gym on Monday to spar with him, Jake would get up and he'd go full out on Canelo as hard as he possibly could. So I mean he's got that mentality where he will go in there with anybody. he does not care and I like that but me and his manager got to be the ones that make sure he makes the right moves," Flores explained.

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Edited by Jack Cunningham
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