"It was taken out of context" - When Joe Rogan defended Kanye West's 'slavery is a choice' comment

Joe Rogan (left) Kanye West (right) (image courtesy @PowerfulJRE YouTube)
Joe Rogan (left) Kanye West (right) (image courtesy @PowerfulJRE YouTube)
Ujwal Jain

Speaking to Kanye West on episode #1554 of JRE, comedian Joe Rogan said that the rapper's 'slavery is a choice' comment on TMZ was in fact taken out of context.

During the episode, Rogan reaffirmed that West was actually talking about the enslaving financial decisions people make in their lives and not the perilous and forced human slavery of the past:

"You didn't mean people being abducted and brought into slavery and put into chains was a choice. What you were talking about is people making decisions that would enslave them financially and enslave their lives. It was taken out of context and it was taken in the least charitable way and they decided to say look at crazy Kanye, look at the sh*t he is saying."

Watch Joe Rogan and Kanye West talk about the rapper's controversial statement below:


The 45-year-old rapper corroborated the podcaster's statement, saying that the media was always taking anything that dosent fit into their overall narrative out of context.

West is no stranger to controversies, with his questionable conduct on social media and award shows. The Stronger singer has in the past opened up about being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and struggles with mental health.

Kanye West tells Joe Rogan his struggles with medications

In his appearance on the 1554th edition of JRE, Kanye West stated that the medication he was on was blocking his creative abilities. 'Ye' was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2016.

Taking to Rogan on the show, the American rapper said that after his 2016 diagnosis, people were trying to kill his creativity by making him take medicines that had several side effects:

"It [medication] blocked my ability to channel what god wanted me to do... One of my favorite things they did was they put me on this medication that made me gain a lot of weight and I said I'm not going to take this. And they said we got a medication you could take but you won't gain weight and this shows you they were trying to kill a superhero, slowly trying to kill genius."

Watch the full podcast below:

In late 2016 the 45-year-old was put on a 5150 involuntary psychiatric hold for over a week at UCLA Medical Center after a string of public erratic outlashes.

Involuntary psychiatric holds lead to conservatorships. The following celebrities have been held involuntarily 5150 psych holds in California. - Britney Spears*- David Hasselhoff- Mischa Barton- Lindsay Lohan* - Amanda Bynes- Kanye West*- Scott Disick**LMT connection

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