"They're going to get spit on and slapped by a girl" - Jake Paul slams Andrew Tate, warns his fanbase about following his advice

Jake Paul (left) and Andrew Tate (right) [Photo credit: @cobratate on Instagram]
Jake Paul (left) and Andrew Tate (right) [Photo credit: @cobratate on Instagram]

Jake Paul slammed controversial content creator Andrew Tate and his followers.

The YouTube star recently addressed Tate, who rose to prominence for his viral TikTok and Instagram videos. A former professional kickboxer, entrepreneur, and content creator, Tate is known for providing advice many believe to be misogynistic.

He also teaches an online course in "modern wealth creation" at his own "Hustlers University" – an online community on Discord with more than 140,000 members.

As Tate continues to gain popularity among young men, Paul warned that those who drink his Kool-Aid are doomed to receive terrible advice, specifically on how to interact with women. During an episode of Logan Paul's IMPAULSIVE podcast, 'The Problem Child' said:

"[Tate's followers] are pissed off at girls because they've never gotten laid and they think by being this alpha male and copying this douchebag, who wears giant f***ing aviators indoors on his f***ing podcast, they think that's gonna get them some p***y. Like no. Andrew Tate's fans are all virgins and they're watching him to try to get laid, but they're gonna get spit on and slapped by a girl. That's what's gonna happen."

Check out Jake Paul's comments below:


Jake Paul gives Logan Paul his blessing to fight Andrew Tate

As Jake Paul continues to find an opponent in the ring, Andrew Tate has emerged as someone many believe could fill the role. This comes after Tate has publicly gone after Paul on multiple occasions, challenging him to a fight.

However, 'The Problem Child' made it clear that he isn't a huge fan of the viral influencer. What's more, Paul gave his big brother permission to pursue a fight with Tate instead.

"I don’t think he gets in the ring with one of us," Paul explained. "It’s too big of a risk for him. He’s ‘alpha male,’ right? That’s his whole entire thing. And when he loses – he will lose to either one of us he fights – his whole schtick and all the women will be like, ‘Yeah!’ and his whole schtick goes out the window."

Watch the video below:


For now, it's unclear whether either of the Paul boys will pursue a fight with Tate. However, they both made it clear that the matchup is within the realm of possibilities.

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