Joe Rogan believes Elon Musk is truly 'concerened about censorship' as the billionaire targets Twitter takeover

Joe Rogan (right) comments on Elon Musk's (left) attempt to take over Twitter [Musk image via, Twitter logo via]
Joe Rogan (right) comments on Elon Musk's (left) attempt to take over Twitter [Musk image via, Twitter logo via]

Joe Rogan is convinced Elon Musk's move to try to take over Twitter was motivated by the billionaire's desire to protect freedom of speech.

The Tesla and Space X CEO recently took aim at the social media giant with a $43 billion cash takeover offer on Thursday, April 14. The tycoon stated that Twitter needs to be taken private to unlock its "extraordinary potential" to become a platform for free speech.

Rogan believes Musk is legitimately "concerned about censorship." Speaking about the topic with fellow comedian Duncan Trussell on episode #1806 of the Joe Rogan Experience, the popular podcaster said:

"I think he [Musk] does care. He does, genuinely. He's concerned about censorship. He said freedom of speech is someone you don't like saying something you don't wanna hear. He goes, 'They have to have that right because it's essential to a democracy.' Most people objectively agree. The problem is they gets scared because they see how mobs of people can move in a very negative direction. I think there's a real concern."

Check out Rogan's comments below:


Joe Rogan not 'supporting censorship' but understands why it could be a problem

Joe Rogan is no stranger to the effects of censorship on Twitter. American physician and biochemist Robert Malone was banned from the social media platform for allegedly spreading false information on an episode of Rogan's podcast.

In light of the issue, the veteran UFC commentator called on his followers to leave the platform in favor of the less-restrictive alternative, GETTR. However, Rogan pointed out that censorship isn't always a bad thing. On the same episode of his podcast, Rogan said:

"I am in no way supporting censorship – clearly, right? [I'm] absolutely the opposite. But I understand why people are concerned about large groups of people being really shitty and getting on the social media platforms that they've done this campaign over the last few years to like silence certain voices, stop aggressive people, stop people who are being shitty to [other] people. Some of that is good, right? Like, stop doing, stop people threatening people, stop people harassing people... But like, where does it end?"

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