Joe Rogan discusses the college debt crisis in Ivy Leagues

Joe Rogan (left) discusses  college debt crisis at Ivy Leagues
Joe Rogan discusses the college debt crisis in Ivy Leagues. [Image credits: YouTube/JRE&theFam]

Joe Rogan recently gave his thoughts on student debts at Ivy League colleges.

In an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) podcast, host Joe Rogan, along with fellow comedian and podcaster Stavros Halkias, discussed the college debt crisis in the Ivy Leagues. The UFC color commentator termed the Ivy League colleges a "scam" and vouched for free education. Rogan also spoke in favor of online courses and detailed how education can help one move ahead in life:

"Jesus Christ! What a scam...I think it would be wise if we gave it [education] available to citizens. What would be the harm in that? They wouldn't work hard to get in because it doesn't cost anything...But people need to figure out how it's not about that. Just because it's coming to you for free like this is a unique opportunity. You could actually learn something, you can get ahead in this life."

Halkias asserted that poor students might find it difficult to fit in at elite universities like Harvard as they may feel left behind in the company of their wealthy peers:

"Another problem with Ivy Leagues and s*it, it's like rich people kind of like...All their kids go, they can all afford to. I know so many dumba**es from Ivy Leagues but it's like this fake prestige...I've had friends who went to Harvard and s*it and they were like it f**king s*cked. If you are a poor kid going to Harvard, it's like you feel out of place."

You can check out Rogan and Halkias discuss the problems associated with student debts below:


Joe Rogan talks of the deeper effects of sports on humans

In the same episode of his popular podcast, host Joe Rogan discussed with his guest Halkias the influence of sports on human civilization. Rogan argued that people often satisfy their natural urge to compete through sports.

Speaking on the matter in the latest episode of his JRE podcast, Rogan said:

"There's a thing that people have inside of them, they want to conquer. Women want to do it, too, they want to do it socially, and some women physically. It's a weird thing that we have in us and it makes you wonder, if people hadn't figured out sports and hadn't figured out games, how much would we be f**king each other up?"

He continued:

"It's probably the things that allowed us to figure out civilization. We figured out ways to get along, like 'let's play with a ball, I'm gonna hit this ball instead of your f**king head."

Check out Joe Rogan discuss the importance of sports in our lives below:


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