'Joe Rogan Experience' podcast episodes removed, Spotify blames "technical issues"

Dozens of the Joe Rogan Experience episodes go missing [Photo credit: &]
Dozens of the Joe Rogan Experience episodes go missing [Photo credit: &]
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Several episodes of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast went missing from the Spotify feed.

An automated tracking tool called 'JRE Missing' listed down the missing episodes on May 25. According to the site, a total of 113 episodes have mysteriously disappeared from the audio streaming platform.

JRE Missing catalogued 113 deleted episodes of the Joe Rogan Experience
JRE Missing catalogued 113 deleted episodes of the Joe Rogan Experience

In light of the incident, Spotify claimed that a "technical glitch" was to blame. An unspecified Spotify spokesperson acknowledged the missing episodes and reached out to the Los Angeles Times, saying:

“Spotify is aware of this technical issue, and we are looking into it now."

The lost editions of the show include interviews with politicians Dan Crenshaw and Tulsi Gabbard, musical artists Post Malone and Everlast, as well as comedians Bryan Callen and Eddie Izzard, among many more.

In February 2022, Rolling Stone reported that over 70 episodes of the JRE podcast have disappeared. In that case, though, JRE listeners on Reddit speculated that the episodes were removed deliberately due to racial slurs and content deemed inappropriate.

Redditors noted that the episodes featuring Tom Segura and Greg Fitzsimmons were likely deleted for usage of the 'N-word'. The UFC commentator previously received backlash after a sliced compilation video of him using the 'N-word' went viral. He has since apologized through a video he posted on Instagram and vowed never to use the slur under any context.

Watch Joe Rogan's apology below:

Joe Rogan included in the 2022 TIME 100

Thanks to his wildly-popular show, Joe Rogan was included in the 2022 TIME 100, an annual list of the most influential individuals in politics, business, music, sports, and entertainment, among others.

Journalist Kara Swisher summed up Rogan's rise to world-wide prominence on TIME's website. She wrote:

"He certainly delivers with big interviews from Elon Musk to Dave Chappelle, ranging across the ideological spectrum, which is a critical talent in these partisan times. But he’s also gotten into a lot of trouble this year for resurfaced racial slurs he made—and apologized for—and being a place where COVID deniers get a very easy ride. It’s complicated, of course, but there’s no question that Rogan’s success is pretty simple: the former Fear Factor host has become the nation’s earworm."

Check out the tweet below:

Asked to write this short thing by ⁦@efelsenthal⁩ about ⁦@joerogan⁩ for ⁦@TIME⁩ 100. Whatever you think of him, you think of him, as I note: The nation’s earworm 👂 🪱: Joe Rogan Is on the 2022 TIME 100 List | TIME…

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