Joe Rogan shares opinion on Floyd Mayweather's exhibition bouts - "He looked fantastic"

Floyd Mayweather (left); Joe Rogan (right)
Floyd Mayweather (left); Joe Rogan (right)

Joe Rogan has addressed combat sports icon Floyd Mayweather’s exhibition boxing bouts and lauded the boxing great for looking spectacular in his bouts.

Mayweather last competed in professional boxing in August 2017. ‘Money’ subsequently retired as a professional boxer but has performed in a trio of exhibition bouts in the ensuing years. Mayweather faced Tenshin Nasukawa in an exhibition bout in Japan in December 2018, winning via first-round TKO.

‘Money’ then faced Logan Paul in another exhibition matchup in June 2021. Mayweather then fought Don Moore in his third exhibition bout earlier this month. The two aforesaid fights went the distance and had no official winner, although Mayweather dominated in both fights. In an edition of the JRE (Joe Rogan Experience) podcast, Rogan stated:

“You know what’s crazy is that Floyd is still doing these exhibitions, making millions.” In regards to Mayweather’s latest exhibition bout, Rogan, noted, “Yeah, he looked fantastic.”
Floyd Mayweather beat tf out of Don Moore 😭😭😭

Additionally, Rogan jestingly highlighted the haircut and look that Mayweather has been sporting over the past several months. The UFC commentator said:

“Yeah, scraggly. I think he’s enjoying that look.” Rogan added, “He was holding the ring card girl’s card and walking around. Did you see what he was doing? He held up the card in between rounds. Floyd walked around with the card. He put on a show because he’s like, he’s – It’s really smart because he’s giving them the money’s worth. It’s not just a boxing exhibition. He’s putting on a show.”

Rogan noted that Mayweather was smiling, laughing, and dancing during the fight. He reiterated that ‘Money’ wasn’t simply partaking in an exhibition boxing match but was going all out to put forth an entertaining show for the audience.

Watch Joe Rogan discuss Floyd Mayweather’s exhibition bouts and more in the video below:


John McCarthy on Floyd Mayweather potentially damaging his legacy with his exhibition bouts

Floyd Mayweather has hinted at competing in another exhibition bout later this year. However, his next opponent is yet to be revealed. On the Weighing In Podcast, former MMA referee John McCarthy broke down the possibility of Mayweather damaging his legacy by competing in exhibition matches well after his retirement.

McCarthy warned that competing in high-risk matchups against much heavier opponents like the 200-plus-pound Logan Paul could backfire and hurt Mayweather’s legacy. Regardless, indicating that Mayweather won’t hurt his legacy unless he looks bad in the ring, McCarthy said:

"I don't think he cares. It's money. He's sitting there and he can do ... let's be honest, when you have this type of fight, you can't even compare their abilities. But when he looks really good, I don't think he's damaging anything.”

Watch the full Weighing In episode in the video below:


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