Joe Rogan's "biased" commentary kept Rampage Jackson from appearing on The Joe Rogan Experience

Rampage Jackson (left); Joe Rogan (right)
Rampage Jackson (left) and Joe Rogan (right)

Joe Rogan is known to host a wide variety of mixed martial artists on his immensely popular podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. Some fans may be surprised to hear that despite his legendary career in the sport, Rampage Jackson has never made an appearance on JRE.

The former UFC light heavyweight champion shared that Rogan's commentary during his fights has played a role in that decision. Speaking on the No Jumper podcast, Rampage stated:

"Joe and I, we've always been cool, but then after a couple fights in the UFC, he noticed that I wasn't checking leg kicks and that I wasn't throwing a lot of leg kicks so he got real voicy about it and with social media, I had a lot of MMA fans talking s**t, talking about, 'Man, you don't know how to kick, and you don't know how to check leg kicks.' It just got annoying."

Jackson added that UFC fighters did not kick hard, so he did not mind being kicked if it meant he could land a punch. He shared that when he threw leg kicks, his opponents used it as an opportunity to try to take him down and avoid standing up with him.

Rampage noted that when he fought in Japan for the Pride promotion, he checked leg kicks as the fighters there used to kick harder. Jackson then claimed that Rogan is partial to jiu-jitsu specialists and his commentary can warp the perception of viewers:

"I did say something kind of bad. I got tired of people constantly talking s**t about me so I told them, 'Watch the UFC and turn the volume down.' It'll be a different fight... Joe can be kind of biased sometimes toward jiu-jitsu guys. He loves jiu-jitsu guys, and sometimes when I watch the fight, I'll turn it down a little bit then I'll get a different view of the fight."

Jackson did note that he and Rogan have apologized to one another and are on better terms. However, he has not been invited to The Joe Rogan Experience. It remains to be seen if he will be a guest at some point in the future.

Watch Rampage Jackson discuss why he has never been on The Joe Rogan Experience below (starting at the 0:28 mark):


Joe Rogan discusses Paddy Pimblett's controversial win at UFC 282

Joe Rogan recently hosted UFC welterweight Belal Muhammad on episode #134 of JRE MMA, where the two discussed Paddy Pimblett's controversial victory over Jared Gordon at UFC 282. Rogan shared how he believes the underserved victory may work against the unranked lightweight.

#UFC282 Official Scorecard: Paddy Pimblett vs Jared Gordon 👇All Tonight’s Scorecards ➡️:…

The UFC commentator stated:

"Yeah, [Jared Gordon] got f**ked and that's unfortunate. I don't like when someone gets by just because they're famous and they have this big personality and everybody loves them. The problem with that is people are gonna be rooting against him now in the next fight and so now he's gonna go in there against someone and maybe he's gonna go in against someone who's on another level."

While most fans and fighters felt that Pimblett lost the fight, with some even claiming he didn't win a single round, the judges saw things differently.

Watch Belal Muhammad's full appearance on JRE MMA below:

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