Joe Rogan shared crucial piece of advice about running a podcast, says Aljamain Sterling

Aljamain Sterling (left); and Joe Rogan [Image Courtesy: @funkmastermma on Instagram]
Aljamain Sterling (left); and Joe Rogan [Image Courtesy: @funkmastermma on Instagram]

Aljamain Sterling and Joe Rogan are fellow podcasters and host their respective shows, The Weekly Scrap and The Joe Rogan Experience. So, it’s no surprise that the more experienced of the two, Rogan, shared some crucial advice with ‘Funk Master.’

In the latest edition of The Weekly Scraps podcast, the reigning UFC bantamweight champion mentioned his recent interaction with the color commentator during an appearance on JRE. Sterling said that Rogan achieved his success by not caring about other people's opinions, which was the exact advice he shared with him.

Sterling followed by stating that the podcast is something that you should have fun doing, which is why he mainly focuses on things that he likes, such as analyzing fights and sharing opinions about his training.

“Almost not even giving a f**k, you know. Because for him, he just didn’t give a f**ck what nobody thought. He was just doing what he was doing. One of pieces of advice he gave to me when I was asking him about like the media space on his podcast… It was like, 'Don’t give a sh*t about any of that. Just go on, do what you do, talk about the fights, whatever you talk about that and have fun with it.'”

Watch Aljamain Sterling share the advice he received from Rogan in the video below:


Joe Rogan is probably the most popular podcaster in the world. He struck a $200 million deal with streaming platform Spotify, which hosts his podcast exclusively.

Spotify paid Joe Rogan at least $200 million to host The Joe Rogan Experience exclusively on its platform, according to the New York Times—double the Wall Street Journal’s initially reported figure of $100 million.

What started as an opportunity to talk with friends and have a few giggles in the apartment in Los Angeles led to Rogan owning real estate in Texas. That success is why Sterling took Rogan’s advice very seriously.

Joe Rogan discuss Aljamain Sterling's neck injury

During his recent chat with Rogan, Sterling spoke about the neck injury that led to him having surgery last year. The current bantamweight kingpin recalled that he was spiked on his head by someone during his collegiate wrestling days.

This has led to many recurring neck issues, which have stacked up throughout his UFC career. However, an illegal knee from Petr Yan at UFC 259 gave him a timeframe to undergo neck surgery.

The only question was who would perform the procedure. One option was Chris Weidman's specialist, but he didn't make the best impression on 'Funk Master'

Aljamain Sterling said:

"I felt like I was just another number to him, kinda thing"

Watch Joe Rogan discuss Sterling's neck injury in the video below:


Rogan and Sterling later went on to view photos of the champion's neck with a disc implanted in it.

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