Joe Rogan takes surprising stance in Bud Light-transgender model controversy

Joe Rogan [Images courtesy of PowerfulJRE on YouTube]
Joe Rogan [Images courtesy of PowerfulJRE on YouTube]

Joe Rogan recently defended the beer brand Bud Light and transgender model Dylan Mulvaney following the controversy since announcing their partnership.

26-year-old model Mulvaney announced the brand deal across her social media earlier this month, which includes Bud Light producing cans with her likeness across the product. The controversy stems from some members of the public taking issue with Mulvaney being transgender, which is often at the forefront of the culture wars in America.

Rogan, who has typically called out 'wokeness' in society, has shocked fans with his stance on the situation. According to the UFC color commentator, he sees no issue in the partnership between Mulvaney and Bud Light because it allows the brand to target a demographic they previously wouldn't have before.

Discussing the controversy on the Joe Rogan Experience, the 55-year-old host couldn't understand why people were upset before then cracking open a can himself:

"What they're doing is just spreading the brand to an extra group of people. Why if something is good, do we give a f*ck who's got it? Would we do this with cheesecake?" (0:40)

Joe Rogan then discussed fellow comic Shane Gillis, whose favorite beer is Bud Light. Rogan questioned why Gillis wasn't approached for a similar brand-deal, and stated that if the company approached him with the same offer, it may help with the controversy:

"Shane Gillis is heartbroken. He drinks Bud Light everytime he does Protect our Parks...He's problematic, he's an issue being one of the funniest human beings on planet earth...If they were smart, they would send Shane a Bud Light with his face on it too, saying 'We love everybody'." (1:58)

Check out the clips here:


Joe Rogan finds major character flaw with beloved superhero

Joe Rogan is no stranger to making controversial takes, this time taking aim at Marvel's beloved superhero Spider-Man.

During a recent episode of JRE, Rogan spoke with David Choe about comic books and DC versus Marvel. The 55-year-old claimed that his favorite character as a child used to be Iron-Man before moving on to his issues with Spider-Man.

The UFC color commentator highlighted what he believes is the biggest flaw with Spider-Man's character, which is that he could have been a billionaire by selling the technology on his seemingly unbreakable web.

Rogan stated:

“The web thing is so ridiculous like he invented this sh*t that’s better than anything anyone’s ever figured out ever. Like he could be a f*cking super billionaire just from that web. The idea that we buy into the fact that this f*cking college kid invented this stuff that shoots from his wrists in a never-ending supply allowing him to grab buildings and swing.” [h/t FandomWire]

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