Joe Rogan talks about his first hunting experience

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Joe Rogan has shared a story about the first time he went hunting.

Rogan is an avid hunter who has received backlash in the past for killing a bear. During episode #1912 of the Joe Rogan Experience, he was joined by Steven Rinella, an outdoorsman featured on the TV show MeatEater, to discuss hunting and the beauty of nature. The UFC commentator detailed his viewpoint on hunting by saying:

“That world is so fascinating, and you know, for many people, you get a little taste of it from documentaries, maybe. A little internet clip here or there, or you see animals at the zoo. You have very little exposure to what it’s like to be around them in real life..."

Rogan then had this to say about the first time he went hunting:

“I remember when you and I went on that first trip to Montana. The moment where I shot that buck, which was the first animal I’ve ever killed, and that moment where I locked eyes on it, and we’re in the wild, and you see this thing, and it was totally an unusual experience. I remember thinking this is like almost bizarrely almost psychedelic because this world is so different.”

The UFC commentator has various interests, but hunting seems to have a special place in his heart. Despite some activists being against killing animals, there is a unique connection to nature that hunting provides, which can’t be replicated.

Watch Joe Rogan discuss hunting below:


Joe Rogan details the excitement his daughter had catching her first fish

Hunting is an activity that all age groups can enjoy with the proper guidance. During the same episode of JRE, Joe Rogan explained how the excitement of catching a fish shows similarities to hunting. He provided an example by telling this story:

“My youngest, I took her fishing, and she was like five years old. She caught a six-pound bass, f***ing huge bass for her. And she’s like holding this thing, like the look on her face, the excitement of it all, it does something to people that is deeply ingrained in us.”

Rogan’s comparison offers an interesting perspective, considering hunting has a negative connotation while fishing is more widely accepted. Meanwhile, the hunting community believes they are misunderstood as every group of people will have some bad apples.

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