“Very difficult to deal with” - Joshua Pacio breaks down Jarred Brooks’ style

(left) Joshua Pacio and (right) Jarred Brooks [Credit: ONE Championship]
Joshua Pacio (left) and Jarred Brooks [Credit: ONE Championship]

Current ONE strawweight world champion Joshua Pacio recently admitted that Jarred Brook’s heavy-wrestling style will be difficult to deal with.

The Filipino sensation is headed to his fourth world title defense against Jarred Brooks in Manila in one of the most anticipated matches of the year at ONE 164.

Although he looks forward to stopping Brooks’ 6-fight win streak with some high-level striking, Pacio admits it’s easier said than done.

In an exclusive interview with ONE Championship, the Team Lakay finisher commented on Jarred Brooks’ aggressive fighting style with the following words:

“Jarred is such a high-level wrestler, probably the best wrestler in the division. He knows how to time his takedowns really well. He isn’t like a Yoshitaka Naito who would shoot from far out and telegraph the takedowns. He’s always ready to strike at any moment, which amplifies his wrestling skills. He’s a complete fighter, in my opinion.”

Brooks is indeed the strongest wrestler in the division. He made quick work of Pacio’s teammate Lito Adiwang back in 2021, overwhelming the two-time wushu world champion with his grappling. ‘The Monkey God’ ultimately forced a tap-out in round two ending Lito’s 2-fight win streak.

Although Joshua Pacio is not a fighter like Lito, he respects Brooks enough to avoid scrambling with him on the ground.

The 26-year-old sensation concluded:

“His pressure is also very difficult to deal with. He will push the pace and really take the fight to an opponent. And he has some of the most powerful slams in the business. If he gets you on the ground, it’s over. Without a doubt, his biggest weapon is his wrestling.”

Joshua Pacio has worked too hard to be quick work for Jarred Brooks at ONE 164

Joshua Pacio has been preparing for this fight since May and has worked incredibly hard in this training camp to avoid Jarred Brooks from making quick work of him. Pacio believes he’s got a lot of weapons and sneak attacks that he can utilize to find an early knockout.

Since their first bout was canceled in May, he’s been anxious to put on his best performance against the American trash-talker. Although Joshua Pacio respects Brooks’ wrestling pedigree, he recently reminded him that he’s unafraid to meet him head on.

He told ONE:

“At the same time, I can say it won’t be easy for him to take the belt either. I’ve worked hard for this for many years. There can only be one winner in the fight, but I know no matter what, it won’t be easy for him. I’m extremely confident I can beat him and retain my world title.”

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